Patient Safety INSIGHTS

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Shining a light on risks and trends others cannot see

The Doctors Company is continually working to identify potential sources of injury and enhance patient safety. Our Patient Safety INSIGHT Services team takes a data-driven, collaborative approach to help you reduce adverse events while increasing patient satisfaction. Here are the core areas where we can provide valuable tools and assistance.



Green Practice Risk

Receive an expert risk assessment of your practice’s policies, procedures, and processes, and a custom action plan with prioritized recommendations.

Claims Analysis

Let our experts conduct an in-depth evaluation of your claims, then create a tailored action plan for addressing the root causes of your claims.

Practice Safety Culture Box

Evaluate the aspects of your practice that contribute to a culture of patient safety with our online diagnostic check-up tool.

Patient Communication Box

Enhance doctor-patient communication in your practice and improve health outcomes through our structured evaluation program.

Team Building

Receive customized, evidence-based training that helps build communication and teamwork skills among your staff to enhance patient safety and quality care.

Continuing Education

Take advantage of on-site and online opportunities to stay current on practice strategies that reduce risk while improving patient safety.

A patient safety risk manager is always available to provide industry-leading expertise. That’s malpractice insurance without the mal.

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