Financial Strength

The Doctors Company has always been guided by a fundamental belief: that the practice of good medicine should be advanced, protected, and rewarded. Our financial success has been built on a conservative business philosophy designed to fully empower this mission. For this reason, and many others, we are the nation's largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, giving us the power and financial resources necessary to protect our members today and for many years to come.

Financial Strength Ratings

A (Excellent) AM Best

A (Strong) Fitch Ratings

Financial Highlights

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Unrivaled financial
strength and backing
for our members



We’re the nation’s largest
physician-owned medical
malpractice insurer




Strongest of any national 
medical liability carrier

(Dollars in Thousands)
Total Assets $5,886,000
Loss Reserves $2,756,000
Direct Premiums Written $1,015,000
Net Premiums Earned $898,000
Policyholders' Surplus $2,206,000
Number of Insured Members 80,000




Written Premium-to-Surplus Ratio

This ratio, based on net written premium, is a measure of our financial strength. Industry standards prescribe a ratio no higher than 3.0:1.


Reserves-to-Surplus Ratio

This ratio is a measure of our financial stability. Industry standards prescribe a ratio no higher than 4.0:1.

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