A Structured, Hands-On Program to Enhance Patient Communication and Diagnostic Safety by Making Sustainable Improvements in Your Practice Environment

The Patient Communication INSIGHT (PCI) program is a voluntary, structured, hands-on initiative that focuses on improving communication and engagement between providers, patients, and their families in ambulatory care settings.

It combines tools developed by leading professionals and patient safety organizations with valuable expert guidance based on The Doctors Company’s claims data insights and years of experience in the field. This program provides a foundation to support diagnostic safety by effectively engaging providers, patients, and families to work together as a team.

Program Highlights

  • Fosters enhanced communication and information sharing within the patient-provider encounter.
  • Assists patients and their families in communicating their health stories in a clear, concise way.
  • Prepares providers to practice deep and reflective listening for one minute at the beginning of their encounter with the patient.
  • Education and resources for program implementation are available online and self-paced.

Why Is It Important?

  • Research suggests that communication breakdowns during the patient-provider encounter are a leading contributor to diagnostic errors.
  • One in three patients will experience a diagnostic error firsthand.
  • Diagnostic errors are the leading cause of malpractice claims and are found most often during the initial phase of the process of care during the patient-provider communication encounter.
  • As time constraints and pressure continue to increase on our providers and their practices, we need to be able to adapt and focus on small, meaningful change initiatives, especially those that demonstrate success​.

What Does Success Look Like?

  • A positive trend in survey responses.
  • Increase in practice adoption and sustainment.
  • A decrease in the frequency and severity of claims and patient harm.
  • Integrating diagnostic and communication safety into the culture of the practice.
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This is a value-added service offered at no cost to our members. It is part of our ongoing commitment to provide members with guidance and resources to advance the practice of good medicine.

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Contact your patient safety risk manager or call the Patient Safety and Risk Management Department at (800) 421-2368.


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