Telehealth Coverage

As the COVID-19 pandemic shifted sites of care, drove payment parity, eased licensing restrictions, and dispersed patient populations, The Doctors Company assured our members that their telehealth visits are covered by their medical professional liability policies.

The sharp increase in telemedicine since the start of the pandemic created an expansion of risk in healthcare. TDC Group is responding by offering coverage, including optional general liability and employee benefits liability coverage, for insured medical practices complementing care through virtual visits and for organizations offering 100 percent virtual visits without an established patient-physician relationship, where permitted by law.*

Wherever Your Patients Live or Travel, If You Are Licensed, Your Coverage Follows

The Doctors Company is one of the only medical professional liability insurers licensed and insuring telemedicine in all 50 states.

The Doctors Company is the industry leader in providing tools, resources, and continuing education to help practices of all sizes reduce risk and improve patient care while using telemedicine. We provide extensive telehealth resources, including CME, videos, and resources on safely implementing telemedicine in your practice. Members can also contact Patient Safety for individual support on reducing risk with telemedicine.

To learn about other telehealth coverage solutions, please have your broker contact Courtney Mrusko of TDC Specialty.

*Coverages may be underwritten by The Doctors Company, TDC Specialty Underwriters, or The Doctors Company Insurance Services. Coverage, policy terms, and availability may vary by location, specialty and underwriting company.

TDC Group is the marketing term representing The Doctors Company and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies including The Doctors Management Company, TDC Specialty Underwriters, and Healthcare Risk Advisors.

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