Exclusively for Member Practices: Risk Management Fundamentals for the Practice Manager

Practice managers play a critical role in supporting physicians and staff to provide the highest quality of patient care and ensure a positive patient experience. The wide range of knowledge and skills required to be an accomplished practice manager is often developed over time. Formal training or on-the-job experience may not develop an in-depth awareness about current risks and what actions or decisions, if taken, can prevent an injury, claim, or a financial penalty for noncompliance.

Program Description

Our complimentary program is exclusive to all member practice managers, both clinical and nonclinical, who are new to the role or seek further education regarding the application of risk management and patient safety measures (or principles) in an office-based medical or dental practice.

The comprehensive program consists of 16 on-demand lessons addressing high-risk areas for financial loss from lawsuits, regulatory noncompliance, injuries, or accidents, as well as areas known to improve patient safety and quality of care. Lessons are self-paced by the participant and will guide the practice manager through an assessment of their practice and the development of an improvement plan based on practical strategies.

Practice managers who complete the program will become more skilled in identifying practice exposures and taking action to reduce risk.

Program Benefits

Benefits of completing the program include:

  • Prevention of loss and costly medical malpractice claims.
  • Access to resources for training and compliance.
  • Identification of areas for risk management improvement.
  • Development of an improvement plan to implement practice strategies.

A Verification of Participation certificate will be provided upon completion of each lesson. If all 16 lessons are completed, you will be acknowledged with a special Certificate of Recognition from The Doctors Company.

Interactive Lessons

Each lesson can be completed within 20 to 45 minutes and is intended to drive optimal results through participant engagement by incorporating three specific activities for the practice manager to complete:

  1. Identifying the most common risks or exposures in the practice and strategies that can mitigate them.
  2. Self-assessing the practice to determine what strategies are currently in place and what strategies should be implemented.
  3. Planning the appropriate steps to implement new or improved strategies that can eliminate or reduce the identified risks or exposures.

Topics Covered

  • Clinical Scope of Practice
  • Dismissing a Patient From Your Practice
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • EHR and Patient Tracking
  • Environmental Safety
  • Health Literacy
  • Informed Consent for Clinical Treatment
  • Legal and Regulatory Actions
  • Patient Communication
  • Patient Record Retention and Release
  • Managing Challenging Interactions
  • Medication Management
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Patient Safety
  • Telehealth

Enroll Today

To enroll and receive online program access information, contact your patient safety risk manager, or call Member Services at (800) 421-2368, and they will provide you with access to begin taking the lessons.


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