Legislative, Regulatory, and Judicial Advocacy

In today’s healthcare environment, doctors, medical practices, and health systems need an advocate—a resolute voice loud enough to be heard.

The Doctors Company is relentlessly committed to supporting medical liability reform and to safeguarding access to patient care. We defend reforms that are in place, prevent legislation from being enacted that would undermine the defenses of our members, and take opportunities to enact new measures that would limit liability exposure for our members and physicians across the country.

We dedicate ourselves to this calling so doctors can make decisions based on the best outcomes for patients, rather than the ever-present threat of litigation, invasive regulation, or financial loss.

Track Legislation in Your State

More than 150,000 bills are introduced each year in state and federal legislatures. We continually monitor legislation that impacts our members and advocate on your behalf. See legislative activity in your state.

Advocacy Updates

Each issue of the Government Relations Advocacy Update provides insights into legislative and judicial actions that impact medical liability and the practice of medicine. We are committed to providing an enduring national platform for advocacy for the medical profession.


COVID-19 Highlights Regulatory Impact on Practice of Medicine

Practically overnight, the practice of medicine was dramatically changed, both by the exigencies imposed by the COVID-19 global pandemic and by the governmental response to the medical crisis.


Government Relations Articles

Maternal and Child Health: When Public Health Objectives Become Legislative Priority
We are seeing an increased legislative interest in advancing public policy issues around maternal and child health.
First Quarter 2020, The Doctor's Advocate

2019 Judicial Challenges to Damage Caps
State laws limiting damages face near-constant court challenges.
Fourth Quarter 2019, The Doctor's Advocate

Legislative Advocacy Update
Our government relations team is countering legislative attacks on medical liability reforms.
Third Quarter 2019, The Doctor's Advocate

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Contribute to Our Political Action Committees

The Doctors Company’s state and federal political action committees (DOCPACs) support candidates for elected office that favor medical liability reform in their respective states and in Congress. By contributing to a DOCPAC, you can help us in the fight to protect the practice of good medicine.

Protecting Liability Reform

California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) has served as a model for medical liability reform nationwide. Read our briefing on the history, major provisions, and benefits of MICRA.

Urge Congress to Protect Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19

We encourage our members to join us in calling on Congress to include medical liability immunity in the next coronavirus relief legislation to protect healthcare professionals and hospitals caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Protect healthcare cost and access for all: Oppose the so-called “Fairness for Injured Patients Act”


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