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As the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, The Doctors Company has always been guided by our mission: To advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine.

Today, as healthcare delivery continues to undergo unprecedented change, it’s more important than ever to have a strong, trusted partner to help our members focus on what they do best—delivering care. That’s why we’re taking the mal out of malpractice insurance.

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Advancing the practice of good medicine.
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Innovative Coverage Solutions

The nation’s leading medical malpractice insurance coverage offers unique features—including MediGuard®, CyberGuard®, and the Tribute® Plan, our breakthrough financial benefit—that strengthen the practice of medicine while making it more rewarding. Our medical practice coverages are consultative, customized, and innovative to help groups of all sizes reduce and control costs, manage employee benefits, and guard against risk.

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The Doctors Company was founded in 1976 in response to the medical malpractice insurance crisis in California that closed thousands of physician offices and threatened patient access to affordable care. After leading the charge for comprehensive tort reform, our founders established The Doctors Company to continue the cause of advocating for physicians and advancing the practice of good medicine.

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Our Board of Governors is comprised of physicians and healthcare leaders and distinguished executives of Fortune 100 companies—representing many of the nation’s leading banks, financial advisors, and property/casualty insurers.

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Financial Strength

With over $4.8 billion in assets, our financial strength gives us the power to protect our members today and tomorrow. Our member surplus is $2.1 billion, making us the strongest of any national physician-owned medical liability carrier, and we are rated A by A.M. Best Company and Fitch Ratings.

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Through our subsidiaries, we offer a wide variety of additional insurance products and services. TDC Specialty Underwriters, Inc. provides nonadmitted insurance coverage and services for certain medical and long term care facilities, physician groups, non-standard physicians, managed care organizations, life sciences companies and clinical trials entities.

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America’s most prestigious medical organizations recognize our efforts in support of doctors by endorsing or sponsoring The Doctors Company as their chosen medical liability insurance carrier. This honor is evidence of our continuing commitment to enabling doctors to provide superior patient care. Our work with these societies addresses emerging issues facing the profession and provides society members with significant benefits.

The Doctors Company Foundation

In 2008, we created The Doctors Company Foundation to support patient safety research and education programs through charitable grants. The Foundation works to improve the environment in which doctors and all healthcare providers practice.

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