Feb 10, 2023
Communication Breakdowns Lead to Missed Spinal Epidural Abscess: Case Study
Michelle Swift, JD, RN, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Experts discuss a case involving multiple communication breakdowns that contributed to the patient’s poor outcome and provide strategies to improve processes.

Jun 12, 2018
Digital Medicine and the Future of Healthcare
The digitization of medicine is transforming the entire healthcare system—new technologies like mobile apps and wearables bring both benefits and risks, patient access to healthcare is evolving, EHRs have created new patient safety risks, and artificial intelligence is evolving to play a role in future patient care.

Nov 29, 2021
2021 Judicial Review
Dennis W. Chiu, JD, Government Relations Specialist and Amicus Coordinator, Government and Community Relations, The Doctors Company
In 2021, we saw a mix of results in state supreme court decisions on healthcare liability issues.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

Sep 06, 2023
Flu, RSV, or COVID-19? Convergence of Three Viruses Creates Risk of Diagnostic Errors
Debra Kane Hill, MBA, RN, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Understanding the differences between the flu, RSV, and COVID-19 will help prevent misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis when patients present with respiratory symptoms.

Mar 22, 2023
Remote Patient Monitoring: Considerations for Telehealth Care
Sue Boisvert, BSN, MHSA, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Remote patient monitoring is advancing the safety and accuracy of telehealth by filling in some gaps and increasing the types of care that can safely be provided in the home.

The Doctors Company Achieves ANCC Accreditation for Nursing Continuing Professional Development
The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer and part of TDC Group, was granted accreditation for nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Video Oct 12, 2022

What Not to Do: Telehealth Lessons Learned (Clinical Considerations)
In this video, created in partnership with Candello, experts discuss what to consider when deciding to use virtual visits, how to handle triage in virtual care, how to ensure accurate diagnoses with telehealth, strategies for providing quality patient care during a virtual visit, developing good web-side manner, and when to convert a virtual visit into an in-person visit.

Nov 04, 2020
Smartphones, Texts, and HIPAA: Strategies to Protect Patient Privacy
Kim Hathaway, MSN, CPHRM, Patient Safety Healthcare Quality and Risk Management Consultant, The Doctors Company
The very convenience that makes using smartphone technologies so inviting may also create privacy and security violations.

Jun 15, 2020
Safely Caring for the Hospitalized Patient with Obesity
Paul Nagle, ARM, CPHRM, Director, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management, and Shelley Rizzo, MSN, CPHRM, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management
Obesity is viewed as a chronic health condition, and patients with obesity pose patient safety issues.