Apr 22, 2020
Minor Consent: Challenges for Pediatric Dentistry
Kim Hathaway, MSN, CPHRM, Patient Safety Healthcare Quality and Risk Consultant, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management
Identifying legal guardianship and the rights of parents can reduce risk prior to treating a minor.

Oct 01, 2023
Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Call or Text 988
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is now 988, an easy-to-remember number for 24/7 crisis care.

February 20, 2023, KevinMD
From Toys to Tragedy: The Threat of Button Batteries to Children’s Health
This article by Patti L. Ellis, RN, CPHRM, Patient Safety Risk Manager II, The Doctors Company, discusses important lessons learned and risk prevention strategies for button battery ingestion in children.

Professional Education
Prevention of Diagnostic Error in Primary Care
Diagnostic errors occur often in primary care settings and can impact over 12 million outpatients annually. This is a top patient safety concern and a global burden. Significant patient harm can occur due to treatment delay, testing, or misdiagnosis. This course is an opportunity to promote awareness and visibility by identifying where these errors occur most often in the diagnostic process of care framework.

Jun 05, 2023
Malpractice Lawsuits and COVID-19: Top Allegations and Protections for Healthcare Professionals
Peter A. Kolbert, JD, Senior Vice President for Claims and Litigation Management, Healthcare Risk Advisors, part of TDC Group
Malpractice claims related to the pandemic’s early days are now reaching courts. What types of claims related to COVID-19 will we see? And will the qualified immunities enacted to protect healthcare professionals withstand challenges?
From The Doctor’s Advocate

Sep 22, 2020
Should Dentists in One Office Have One Malpractice Insurer?
Laura Archer, Vice President of Underwriting for The Doctors Company
One often-overlooked strategy for a group practice is having all dental professionals covered by the same malpractice insurer: With a group policy, a practice can keep up with changes, avoid damaging conflicts, maximize chances for desirable outcomes when claims arise—and even potentially realize a positive impact on premium.

Feb 21, 2023
Risk Management Fundamentals for the Practice Manager
Our complimentary program is exclusive to all member practice managers, both clinical and nonclinical, who are new to the role or seek further education regarding the application of risk management and patient safety measures (or principles) in an office-based medical or dental practice.

Sep 02, 2023
Referral and Negligent Referral in a Dental Practice
We outline actionable strategies to help dental professionals keep patients safe and avoid potential liability when referring patients to specialty providers.

Sep 01, 2023
Documentation and Scope of Practice Issues in Dentistry
We analyze a case resulting in patient injuries and provide strategies that address documentation and staff protocols.

Sep 01, 2023
Medical Emergencies in the Dental Setting
We present a compelling case example and outline risk management strategies that can help practices prepare for medical emergencies.