The Doctors Company Announces $14.7 Million Dividend
The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, announced today that it has approved a 2024 premium dividend of approximately $14.7 million, bringing the total of declared dividends to date to $470 million.

September 15, 2022, Medical Economics
Amplify a Culture of Safety in Your Medical Practice
David Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer for The Doctors Company and TDC Group, writes in “Medical Economics” on the four founding elements of a safety culture: mutual respect, teamwork, human factors engineering, and cultivation of a just culture.

Professional Education
Healthcare AI: Peril or Paradigm?
This program provides nurses with an overview of the range of artificial intelligence models that can potentially be applied in healthcare, examples of regulatory and ethical AI guidance documents, and evidence-based discussions of risks and strategies to address the risks of using AI in healthcare.

Mar 01, 2024
Burnout and Litigation Against Primary Care Providers: Where Do They Overlap?
Jacqueline Ross, RN, PhD, Coding Director, and Robert Morton, MAS, CPPS, CPHRM, ARM, Assistant Vice President, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management, The Doctors Company, Part of TDC Group
Certain trends in primary care suggest potential avenues for investigation into malpractice allegations. These include a worsening shortage of primary care physicians, an association between burnout and patient safety concerns, and the rise in both the number of women physicians and the rate of burnout among women physicians.

Jun 12, 2018
Digital Medicine and the Future of Healthcare
The digitization of medicine is transforming the entire healthcare system—new technologies like mobile apps and wearables bring both benefits and risks, patient access to healthcare is evolving, EHRs have created new patient safety risks, and artificial intelligence is evolving to play a role in future patient care.

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