Jul 14, 2021
Open Notes: Healthcare Providers Should Prepare Now for 2023 and the Cures Act
Chad Anguilm, MBA; Richard F. Cahill, JD; and Kathleen Stillwell, MPA/HSA, RN
The 21st Century Cures Act is a multiphase, multidomain piece of legislation whose requirements for healthcare providers are in effect now, and increase over time. Between pushing for electronic health record (EHR) interoperability and funding vast, ambitious research and data-collection initiatives, the act attempts to harness our collective data-gathering power for medical good.

Jun 13, 2023
Patient Safety Tips for Obstetrics and Gynecology
Pamela Willis, BSN, JD, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
These strategies can help you keep your patients safe and reduce potential liability. The tips highlighted here include tracking test results, documenting prenatal records, discussing birth plans, and managing noncompliant patients.

Sep 06, 2023
Flu, RSV, or COVID-19? Convergence of Three Viruses Creates Risk of Diagnostic Errors
Debra Kane Hill, MBA, RN, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Understanding the differences between the flu, RSV, and COVID-19 will help prevent misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis when patients present with respiratory symptoms.

Professional Education
Cardiology Medical Malpractice Case Study: A Lesson in 'Three P' Analysis
Clinicians, such as primary care and cardiologists, who routinely evaluate and treat patients with cardiac conditions, may benefit from insight from a real cardiology closed claims lawsuit and what factors contributed to it. They will learn the concept of the “Three P” analysis as a strategy to minimize the risk of professional liability litigation. This educational activity explains the various issues that led to the filing of the lawsuit and why it was dismissed, such as good documentation, which is often a prevailing factor in successfully defending a professional liability lawsuit.

Mar 22, 2023
Remote Patient Monitoring: Considerations for Telehealth Care
Sue Boisvert, BSN, MHSA, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Remote patient monitoring is advancing the safety and accuracy of telehealth by filling in some gaps and increasing the types of care that can safely be provided in the home.

Feb 10, 2023
Communication Breakdowns Lead to Missed Spinal Epidural Abscess: Case Study
Michelle Swift, JD, RN, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Experts discuss a case involving multiple communication breakdowns that contributed to the patient’s poor outcome and provide strategies to improve processes.

Oct 04, 2022
Mapping the Perioperative Claims Experience of General Surgeons
Jacqueline Ross, RN, PhD; Kim Hathaway, RN, MSN; Melissa Nelson, RN, BSN; Kathrine Soulsby, RN, BSN; Angela Jordan, RN, MHSc
About 63 percent of general surgeons have been involved in a medical malpractice suit. Understanding the most common types of complications and the factors that contribute to errors may provide insights for general surgeons about their practice.

Jun 09, 2021
Telehealth Tune-Up: Preparing for Care After COVID-19
Sue Boisvert, BSN, MHSA, Patient Safety Risk Manager II, The Doctors Company
The pandemic prompted many practices to add telehealth services overnight. If your practice did, now is a good time to review the components of that implementation with these strategies for evaluating five key elements.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

November 01, 2023, Healthcare Risk Management
How to Identify and Defend Against Malicious Lawsuits
Richard F. Cahill, Esq., Vice President and Associate General Counsel, The Doctors Company, part of TDC Group, discusses common concerns healthcare professionals have when it comes to disgruntled patients and malicious lawsuits.

New York Conference Addresses Pros and Cons of Healthcare Technology
The promise and potential risks of machine learning and other technology will be examined by experts at the 29th Healthcare Risk Management / Patient Safety Conference on Wednesday, March 11, at the New York Marriott Marquis.