Jun 05, 2023
Malpractice Lawsuits and COVID-19: Top Allegations and Protections for Healthcare Professionals
Peter A. Kolbert, JD, Senior Vice President for Claims and Litigation Management, Healthcare Risk Advisors, part of TDC Group
Malpractice claims related to the pandemic’s early days are now reaching courts. What types of claims related to COVID-19 will we see? And will the qualified immunities enacted to protect healthcare professionals withstand challenges?
From The Doctor’s Advocate

Sep 01, 2023
Medical Emergencies in the Dental Setting
We present a compelling case example and outline risk management strategies that can help practices prepare for medical emergencies.

Documentation/EHR/Patient Records
A list of articles, expert insights, and education on patient safety issues and risks in documentation, EHRs, and patient records.

November 02, 2021, EHR Intelligence
How Telehealth, RPM Interoperability with EHR Systems Boosts Care
Susan Boisvert, Patient Safety Risk Manager for The Doctors Company, is quoted extensively in this article on how telehealth interoperability with EHR systems benefits patient engagement and patient care.

Professional Education
The Advanced Practice Clinician–Patient Relationship: When Does it Begin and When Does it End?
This enduring program will assist the participant in understanding the principles which form the establishment of an advanced practice clinician (APC)–patient relationship, as well as the concerns which may result in the need for the APC to consider terminating the APC-patient relationship. Additionally, the concepts of providing patient-centered care will be presented for the learner’s consideration.

Aug 30, 2021
Healthcare’s Digital Revolution: Are We Ready to Reimagine the Work?
David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, The Doctors Company and TDC Group; Senior Vice President, Healthcare Risk Advisors
As we complete the first stage of the healthcare digitization process, we enter an era that will allow us to take advantage of new tools and ways of thinking to improve healthcare value.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

Oct 19, 2023
Interventional Radiology Wrong-Site Procedure: Case Review
Julie Song, MPH, CPHRM, Patient Safety Risk Manager II, The Doctors Company
This case review explores factors contributing to a wrong-site procedure and highlights strategies that can help practitioners mitigate risk and increase safety.

December 22, 2021, Physician’s Weekly
Informed Consent: More Than Just Handing the Patient a Form to Sign
Informed consent is an essential element of medical care that physicians must not take lightly. In this article, Physician’s Weekly features a malpractice case from The Doctors Company involving informed consent in plastic surgery.

Aug 27, 2019
Electronic Health Records Continue to Lead to Medical Malpractice Suits
Darrell Ranum, JD, Vice President of Patient Safety and Risk Management
We analyzed 216 medical malpractice claims that closed from 2010 to 2018 in which EHRs contributed to patient injury. The pace of these claims grew, from a low of seven cases in 2010 to an average of 22.5 cases per year in 2017 and 2018. As EHRs approach near-universal adoption, they may become a more prevalent source of patient safety risk.

Jan 01, 1998
Harvard Study Continues to Distort Healthcare Quality Debate
Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP
The Harvard Medical Practice Study is often cited in discussions of healthcare quality and medical malpractice reform. Missing from this discussion is any mention of the critical flaws of the study, which not only render the data of virtually no use for public policy debate, but which also fail to support the authors’ conclusions about the medical-legal system.