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Reduce Patient Safety Risks with Vaccinations, Including COVID-19

Updated November 4, 2021: Although vaccinations are a routine procedure, physicians and staff should remain vigilant about patient safety considerations. Whether you’re seeing children for COVID-19 vaccinations or adults for travel abroad or general disease prevention, take time now to assess the vaccine administration protocol in your practice.

Flu or COVID-19? Convergence of Two Viruses Creates Risk of Diagnostic Errors

Updated October 25, 2021: Understanding the differences between the flu and COVID-19 will help to prevent misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of either disease.

Dr. Bob Wachter Answers the COVID-19 Questions That Patients Are Asking Physicians

Updated October 22, 2021: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, physicians are faced with many questions from their patients about vaccines, safety measures, risks of new variants, and the efficacy of new treatments.

FAQs About COVID-19 Vaccinations

Updated October 22, 2021: As healthcare providers prepare to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, many face questions regarding best practices for vaccine administration, as well as documentation. Answers to these frequently asked questions will help your practice protect patients and staff while mitigating liability risks.

Legal Protections for New York Healthcare Providers During COVID-19—and What’s Next

Updated October 15, 2021: While medical malpractice claims related to the COVID-19 pandemic likely won’t surface until 2022 or later, New York physicians are wondering now: Am I protected? What happens if I get sued for something related to COVID-19? What about the risks related to giving vaccines?

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