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Deferred, Delayed, Disrupted: Mitigating Risks from Care During COVID-19

Updated June 10, 2021: The pandemic has disrupted healthcare so thoroughly that in some sense, COVID-19 has affected all of healthcare. The effect on care has been stunning in magnitude. By mid-2020, more than 40 percent of U.S. adults had delayed medical care or avoided it entirely, including care for urgent and emergent complaints.

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COVID-19 and Patient Safety in the Medical Office

Updated June 8, 2021: As a larger segment of the U.S. population has become vaccinated, COVID-19 cases and deaths have substantially declined. Accordingly, on May 16, the CDC released new safety guidelines for individuals who have been fully vaccinated; however, medical practices should note that these recent changes do not apply to patients and staff within healthcare settings. Recommendations for use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by healthcare workers remain unchanged.

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Seven Tips for Telehealth Clinical Documentation

Updated May 17, 2021: The standards of care for telehealth are identical to those for onsite medical care: Medical and dental professionals must practice with the same level of skill and expertise as qualified practitioners in the same specialty under the same circumstances.

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Managing Healthcare Practice Operations During COVID-19

Updated May 14, 2021: As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and fall across all regions of the United States, practices must adapt and adjust their operations according to regional mandates, which can transition overnight with the shifting environment. For areas where there is a resurgence of the virus or as new strains of the virus emerge, you will need to be attentive to newly imposed restrictions. If disease transmission slows further, authorities may lift additional restrictions.

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Artificial Intelligence, COVID-19, and the Future of Pandemics

Updated May 14, 2021: Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven of value in the COVID-19 pandemic and shows promise for mitigating future healthcare crises.

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Interoperable Telehealth: Patient Safety Considerations

Updated April 30, 2021: Although telehealth is a perfect example of expanding data sources and users, it adds several layers of complexity to the already difficult challenges of interoperability.

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Communicating with COVID-19 Vaccine-Hesitant Patients: Top Tips

Updated April 28, 2021: As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues across the United States, physicians should be prepared to answer questions from patients about the various vaccines, particularly since some patients remain hesitant about receiving a vaccination. This includes implementing a practice plan to educate patients and guide them to an informed decision about the vaccines available within their community.

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