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Dealing with the Wave of COVID-Related Malpractice Lawsuits

PSQH: The Podcast, Episode 82, June 30, 2023: Peter Kolbert, JD, Senior Vice President, Claim & Litigation Services, Healthcare Risk Advisors (HRA), part of TDC Group, discusses the new wave of medical malpractice lawsuits pertaining to the care of COVID-19 patients.

Malpractice Lawsuits and COVID-19: Top Allegations and Protections for Healthcare Professionals

Updated June 5, 2023: Now that more malpractice claims related to the pandemic’s early days are reaching the courts, hospitals and healthcare professionals are wondering: What types of claims will we see related to COVID-19? And will the qualified immunities provided by federal and state governments hold up under challenge?

The BI Interview with Dr. Richard Anderson of The Doctors Company

Business Insurance, March 21, 2023: Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Doctors Company and TDC Group, discusses medical malpractice exposures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and how broad changes in the healthcare sector will alter the liability landscape.

So the Public Health Emergency Is Over. Now What?

MedTech Insight, February 28, 2023: David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, The Doctors Company and TDC Group, provides insight about what the official end of the COVID-19 emergency means for average Americans.

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Richard E. Anderson

Reflections on the Pandemic’s Three-Year Anniversary

As we pass the three-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) on May 11, it is a time for reflection, looking back on the exceptional challenges faced, the incredible heroism we witnessed from all healthcare professionals, and the lessons learned.


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