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Unwavering Service to Our Members

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

—Sir Winston Churchill

Richard E. Anderson

Churchill spoke these words to the House of Commons in late 1942 after the Allies defeated Rommel’s army in Egypt. His words still resonate today in the midst of a different kind of struggle.

The care provided by doctors and hospitals during the pandemic has been delivered under conditions unimaginable in the United States—in many cases, more suited to the battlefield than medical offices. The performance of these heroes has been inspiring. This is mission-based medicine at its finest.

Many physicians are now returning to practice, resuming elective surgeries and procedures, and otherwise getting back to in-office interactions with patients. Some aspects will be familiar, other elements will undoubtedly be different. It is an iterative process. History is a limited guide to contemporary conditions.

It has become clear that the precise shape of the new normal is impossible to foresee, and we can be sure there will be no simple return to the old normal. The Doctors Company will do everything possible to continue providing expert resources and responding to your needs during every stage of the pandemic. Rest assured that you are protected by the industry’s best coverage.

We continue to advocate for broad liability protections on behalf of the medical profession—so those who provide care during the pandemic are free from worrying about the scourge of malpractice litigation. We are grateful for efforts by many of our members in advocating for themselves and their patients in such powerful and effective ways. Trial attorneys reflexly oppose the new provisions and continue to find opportunities to file lawsuits against those providing care. Our battle never ceases.

We are not yet at the end of the COVID-19 national emergency, but we have reached the end of the beginning. Our mission to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine has never been more important. We are proud and grateful for the care you are providing.

Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP
Chairman and CEO

Advocacy Update: COVID-19 Medical Liability Protections

Updated September 23, 2020: During the COVID-19 crisis, The Doctors Company has continued to advocate broadly for comprehensive liability protections for healthcare providers and facilities. Our advocacy efforts include protections for healthcare providers treating COVID-19 patients (or suspected COVID-19 patients) and for providers who have had to change the way they practice in response to emergency orders. Required practice changes have included actions such as suspending or delaying treatment for other patients, shifting to or increasing telehealth services, and triaging non‒COVID-19 patients differently during emergencies in areas hit hard by the pandemic. Healthcare providers are facing a backlog of patient needs as states begin easing restrictions on nonemergency care. 

Early in the public health crisis, we and our allies worked to include the Good Samaritan Health Professionals Act in the federal government’s initial comprehensive emergency response bill related to COVID-19. This legislation provided limited protections for volunteer healthcare providers treating COVID-19 patients.

We are joining medical and specialty societies across the country to advocate for liability protections for all healthcare providers who are responding to the public health emergency. We are also continuing advocacy efforts at the state level to secure bipartisan legislation that would apply needed liability protections for all healthcare professionals. Thirty states have adopted protections.

At the federal level, we are supporting the medical profession by advocating to include commonsense bipartisan protections for all healthcare providers. We are asking Congress to include the provisions of HR 7059, the “Coronavirus Provider Protection Act,” in the next coronavirus legislative relief package.

We will continue to raise the issue of liability protections for all healthcare providers dealing with the fallout of COVID-19 and to keep this issue at the forefront of policy options. As circumstances change in the days and weeks ahead, we will be ready to act quickly. Visit our Legislative, Regulatory, and Judicial Advocacy page to learn more about our efforts and how you can get involved.

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