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A Message From Our Chairman: Reflections on the Pandemic’s Three-Year Anniversary

Richard E. Anderson

As we pass the three-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) on May 11, it is a time for reflection, looking back on the exceptional challenges faced, the incredible heroism we witnessed from all healthcare professionals, and the lessons learned. The care provided by doctors and hospitals during the pandemic was delivered under conditions unimaginable in the United States—in many cases, more suited to the battlefield than medical offices. It is mission-based medicine at its finest.

Healthcare’s ability to respond rapidly in unprecedented circumstances continues to amaze us. Responding to a once-in-a-lifetime crisis meant “building the airplane while it was flying.” There was a world shortage of goods and of knowledge about how to deal with the virus, and yet a vaccine was developed and disseminated in record time. The lessons learned from activating crisis plans during such an extreme emergency will inform improvements and advancements in healthcare for years to come.

Early in the pandemic, the term “Healthcare Heroes” was coined. Across the country, and the world, healthcare professionals were celebrated for their courage under fire. COVID-19 provided a window into their work to alleviate suffering and prolong life—heroic efforts they have been doing every day, even before and after the pandemic.

Challenges still remain—the end of the federal COVID PHE, caring for long COVID patients, high levels of burnout in healthcare, staffing shortages, and addressing the system stresses laid bare by the pandemic. But this is a time to honor incredible achievements and once again recognize medicine as a noble profession. The Doctors Company will do everything possible to continue providing expert resources and responding to your needs. Rest assured that you are protected by the industry’s best coverage. Our mission to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine has never been more important, and we are proud and grateful for the care you provide.

Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP
Chairman and CEO