The Tribute Plan Rewards Doctors
for Practicing Good Medicine

As a company founded and led by doctors, we believe that doctors deserve more than a little gratitude for a career spent practicing good medicine. That’s why we created the Tribute® Plan in 2007—to reward our members for their loyalty to The Doctors Company and for their commitment to superior patient care. 

Our commitment to our members is undeniable: We have paid more than $85 million to retiring doctors to date. Rewards of this magnitude are not offered by any other medical malpractice insurer.

Doctors Praise the Tribute Plan

How Tribute Accounts Grow

For doctors joining The Doctors Company in 2019:

If your annual
premium is:

  • $15,000
  • $35,000
  • $70,000

Your estimated Tribute
balance in 10 years is:


Already a Member?

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“I have a couple ideas about what I might do with my Tribute allocation. One of these is being a medical volunteer in underserved areas.”

—obstetrician, California

Recent Tribute Awards




General Surgeon,



“Having retired after 28 years of active practice and becoming a full-time faculty member, the Tribute award was a significant bonus from The Doctors Company that I will use for a nice vacation.”

—dentist, Florida

Tribute Plan projections are not a forecast of future events or a guarantee of future balance amounts.


Retired and Returning to Practice for COVID-19?

We are offering coverage at no cost for members returning to practice as volunteers. Your decision to help out will have no impact on your Tribute Plan award.


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