The Doctor’s Advocate | Third Quarter 2023
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Christa Steele, MBA, Appointed to Board of Governors

We recently announced the appointment of Christa Steele, MBA, to our Board of Governors. Ms. Steele is a financial and governance executive with decades of corporate leadership experience across a wide range of industries.

Ms. Steele currently serves on the board of Tanimura & Antle and is Vice Chair of the National Association of Corporate Directors, Northern California Chapter.

She is the former CEO of Balco Holdings, Inc., and previously served as President, CEO, and Board Director of Mechanics Bank. Her prior board experience includes Recology as Board Chair, BrainChip Holdings, OFG Bancorp, Sasser Family Holdings, and FIG Partners.

“I am excited to join this group of outstanding leaders from the healthcare and business communities in support of the management team at The Doctors Company and TDC Group,” said Ms. Steele. “As a former technology and bank CEO, I believe I am well positioned to assist The Doctors Company and TDC Group as healthcare continues to evolve, and larger technological partners enter the space.”

Passing of Jerrald R. Goldman, MD

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Jerrald R. Goldman, MD, a co-founding board member of The Doctors Company who served on our Board of Governors from 1976 through 2004.

Dr. Goldman, a board certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, practiced in the California Bay Area for more than 50 years. He was a longtime partner at Webster Orthopedic Medical Group and served as Medical Director of Oakland’s Jackson Orthopedic Foundation. Dr. Goldman was keenly engaged in professional sports for many years, serving as team orthopedist for the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Athletics.

Dr. Goldman held several teaching positions, including Attending Staff of the University of California Residency Program at Highland Alameda Hospital, where he oversaw the orthopedic clinic.

2022 Member Experience Survey Results

Delivering the best imaginable service to our members is more than a best practice for us—it is at the core of who we are. We are honored to have our efforts recognized by members in our 2022 Member Experience Survey.

Once again, we received a Net Promoter Score that places us among the world’s most respected brands. It is humbling that our high score is a direct reflection of strong member loyalty and enthusiasm.

Importantly, the 2022 results also judge our dedication to members who have experienced the stress and disruption of a malpractice allegation. Those members who have faced legal action with us by their side have given us a Net Promoter Score of 92.

Read the full Member Experience Survey results.

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