Aug 26, 2022
Hip and Knee Replacements: An Examination of Malpractice Claims Against Orthopedic Surgeons From the Ambulatory and Inpatient Settings
Jacqueline Ross, RN, PhD, Coding Director, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management
The literature related to malpractice claims comparing inpatient and ambulatory knee and hip replacements has so far been limited. Therefore, the purpose of this novel study was to explore potential differences between the two settings in malpractice claims for surgery.

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Risks and Solutions
It’s not a matter of if a data breach will occur in your medical practice—it’s a matter of when. Make sure your practice is prepared with these resources, including how to comply with HIPAA rules in the event of a breach, how to thwart ransomware attacks, how to combat password theft, and more.

Dec 23, 2020
Orthopedics Case Study: The Danger of EHR Templates
Robin L. Wessels, MBA, RN, Assistant Vice President, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management, The Doctors Company
This example of an orthopedic claim involving accurate medical record documentation illustrates the importance of exercising caution when using EHR templates.

Professional Education
Delayed Diagnosis of Stroke: Case Review for Advanced Practice Clinicians
In reviewing closed malpractice claims, The Doctors Company identified diagnostic failure as a reoccurring problem and one of the top three leading allegations that result in malpractice claims. This failure often leads to a delay in treatment and causes significant harm to patients. The following highlights the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke. Factors contributing to delay diagnosis and treatment included failure to recognize the window (“last known well time”) for tissue plasminogen activator-clot buster (tPA) failure to order a stat MRI and neurology consult, failed communication among providers regarding changes of recurring symptoms of ischemic stroke, failure to appreciate new signs and symptoms of a stroke, and poor or inconsistent documentation. The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has identified the top three causes of serious harm from diagnostic failure. Number one is ischemic stroke.

The Doctors Company Announces 15-Year Anniversary of the Tribute Plan
The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer and part of TDC Group, announced today that it has paid over $140 million in Tribute® Plan awards over the past 15 years to its members.

March 31, 2021, Medical Economics
Medical Practices to Continue Using PPE and Telehealth After Pandemic: Survey
The Doctors Company conducted a survey of 652 physicians across more than 20 specialties and asked how they think their practice will change as a result of the pandemic. The results, published by “Medical Economics,” highlight how doctors plan to increase their use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and telehealth.

June 22, 2021, The Podcast by KevinMD
Malpractice Claims from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Robert E. White Jr., chief operating officer of The Doctors Company and TDC Group, discusses why we may not see a tidal wave of pandemic-related claims against physicians until 2022 or 2023, expresses his concern over physician burnout, and provides case examples of pandemic-related claims.

Video Oct 14, 2022

New Thinking About Primary Care and Practice Redesign
Megan Mahoney, MD, MBA, Professor and Chair of the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine and member of The Doctors Company Board of Governors, explains how she developed a new model for providing the most efficient and high-quality care in her practice.

June 06, 2023, Medscape
When Could You Be Sued for AI Malpractice? You're Likely Using It Now
Michael LeTang, MS, RN-BC, CCRN-K, Vice President, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Risk Management, Healthcare Risk Advisors, part of TDC Group, and Sue Boisvert, BSN, MHSA, CPPS, CPHRM, DFASHRM, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company, part of TDC Group, provide suggestions for ensuring patient safety with the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

May 02, 2022, New York Daily News
What We Owe Long COVID Patients
In this co-authored opinion piece, Peter Kolbert, JD, Senior Vice President of Claim and Litigation Services for Healthcare Risk Advisors, part of TDC Group, and Dr. Zijian Chen, Medical Director of the Mount Sinai Center for Post-COVID Care, discuss patients suffering from long COVID and what healthcare providers can do to help them.