Apr 24, 2023
Childhood Obesity: Communication Strategies for Healthcare Practitioners
Patti L. Ellis, RN, CPHRM, Patient Safety Risk Manager II, The Doctors Company
Conversations about weight between healthcare professionals and pediatric patients and their parents can have profound, long-term effects on a child or adolescent.

Video Aug 27, 2021

What Types of Claims Can We Expect to See Filed as a Result of COVID-19?
Marco Spadacenta, Senior Vice President of Claims for The Doctors Company, details the different kinds of claims we may see filed as a result of the pandemic.

Professional Education
Alzheimer's 6: Pharmacological Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
This is the sixth in the series of on-demand webinars training on screening, evaluation, and management of dementia. This webinar details how to discern the signs and symptoms of dementia from other psychiatric issues, and how to effectively treat these symptoms with pharmacological interventions.

The Doctors Company Names Christa Steele, MBA, to Board of Governors
The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Christa Steele, MBA, to its Board of Governors. Ms. Steele is a financial and governance executive with decades of corporate leadership experience across a wide range of industries.

Professional Education
Module 5: Eliminating Stigma Through Clinical Understanding of Substance Use Disorder (Innovations for Smart Approaches in Safe Prescribing)
You will explore how having a working awareness of neurobiology, psychology, and heritability of addiction positively impacts holistic treatment of opioid misuse. This module will examine how the etiology of stigma and how internalized biases impact the care of patients who misuse opioids. Lastly, this program will provide resources on how to connect to treatment for substance use disorder. This module consists of five audio-filled videos. To successfully complete this course, you need to achieve a passing score of 80 percent in the post-test questions.

Jun 25, 2020
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Healthcare
This video series explores how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the future of healthcare. Eric Topol, MD, cardiologist, founder and director of The Scripps Research Translational Institute, and author of “Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again," offers unique insight on how AI can return the humanity to medicine and strengthen the patient-physician relationship.

November 01, 2023, Healthcare Risk Management
Be Prepared to Secure All Types of Evidence After Adverse Events
Richard F. Cahill, Esq., Vice President and Associate General Counsel, The Doctors Company, part of TDC Group, discusses the importance of healthcare providers preparing policies and procedures for securing evidence after adverse events.

October 01, 2023, National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) Newsletter
Can Damage Caps Contain Social Inflation, Even as Medical Malpractice Verdicts Keep Increasing?
Elizabeth Healy, Vice President of Government and Community Relations, The Doctors Company, part of TDC Group, discusses the wide-ranging ripple effects of social inflation on the medical malpractice industry.