Dec 21, 2023
Medical Malpractice and the Volunteer Team Physician
Michael C. Koester, MD, Slocum Center for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
Community physicians have long served as local high school team physicians. Michael C. Koester, MD, discusses the potential liability risks.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

Mar 01, 2022
Clinician Burnout: From a Crisis to a Movement
Christine K. Cassel, MD, MACP, Professor of Medicine and Senior Advisor for Strategy and Policy, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine
The pandemic has intensified a burnout-fueled exodus from healthcare. Dr. Christine K. Cassel provides insights into the national movement to address clinician burnout.
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Aug 30, 2021
Preparing for Genomic Medicine: Implications for Medical Practice and Public Policy
Elizabeth Y. Healy, Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations, The Doctors Company; Robert Nussbaum, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Chantelle Schenning, PhD, MHA, Head of Public Policy, and Kristine Ashcraft, BS, MBA, Head of Pharmacogenomics, Invitae Corporation
As genomic medicine becomes part of standard clinical care, we learn more about its far-reaching implications on the medical profession, public policy, and the legal system.
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Jun 09, 2021
Prevent, Communicate, Document: Medical Malpractice Data Help Us Manage Risk
David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, The Doctors Company, and for the TDC Group of Companies
Medical malpractice data provide a rich source of information, offering insights into high-risk specialties, medical conditions, and procedures that result in claims.
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Jan 06, 2023
Assisting in Your Defense: Strategies for Healthcare Practitioners
Douglas McCullough, JD, Assistant Vice President, Claims, The Doctors Company
Although the majority of healthcare practitioners will face a malpractice claim, few are prepared when served with a lawsuit.

OB Patient Safety Credit Program
We are proud to offer the OB Patient Safety Credit Program, our voluntary program that is open to all qualifying member obstetricians, family practitioners providing obstetrical care, and certified nurse midwives (CNMs) who are actively involved in deliveries.

Dec 12, 2022
Top Seven Tips for Telehealth
David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, The Doctors Company and TDC Group; Senior Vice President, Healthcare Risk Advisors
Although telehealth demand has declined since the peak of the pandemic, it continues to be an integral part of healthcare delivery. These top recommendations can help minimize risks for practices that provide care via telemedicine.

Aug 26, 2022
Dispensing Sample Medications: Risk Management Strategies
Debra Kane Hill, MBA, RN, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
If not carefully managed, sample medications can create issues that place patients and the practice at risk.

May 01, 2023
Dealing With Online Patient Complaints
Richard Cahill, JD, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, and Kathleen Stillwell, MPA/HSA, RN, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company
Clinicians are understandably concerned about their reputations and the consequences of any negative comments posted about them on social media platforms.

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