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Scott Ruthstrom has been serving the insurance needs of Florida’s dentists for the past 19 years. As chief operating officer (COO) of FDA Services, Inc. (FDAS), he oversees sales, service, and member benefit programs. He has served as COO since 2010 and has managed day-to-day sales and services activities since 1997. Scott earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Florida State University and is a former board member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Tallahassee.

FDAS is a member-driven organization, and many of its clients are also members. Over the years, FDAS has thrived by finding insurance solutions to meet the needs of its members. The FDAS tagline is, “We know insurance. We know dentists,” and members feel confident that the programs offered through FDAS are well-suited to their commercial and personal needs. FDAS agents are dental risk experts who take pride in managing the insurance portfolios of their clients.

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