Third Party (Credentialing Facilities) FAQs

These are some of the common questions that third parties ask during the credentialing process. We strive to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Please review the questions and answers below. If you still have a question, email or call (800) 421-2368, select Option 1 for Member Services and Option 2 for Certificates.

Credentialing requests can be submitted to or via our secure fax line at (707) 265-3466. A signed and dated release is required. Please see our Consent to Release form if you need a release.

As long as your request comes from a personal email address, online access will be activated automatically at the time we process your request. The credentialing report will be sent directly to your online portal for retrieval. You will receive an email stating you have new documents to view once it is ready.

You can access your credentialing reports via a quick and secure method at any time. Once a credentialing report has been sent to the online portal, you can always go back and retrieve it. The online portal acts as an easy, manageable system that stores all your credentialing reports in one place.

Click on the View Documents link and sign in if you aren’t already. To view your desired credentialing report, check to the policy number that is currently displayed. If it is not displaying the desired policy number, click the “View Other Policies” hyperlink to view a complete list .

Third Party - View Documents Screen Down Selectedv2.png

Click the desired policy number from the list. Once the policy number has been selected, wait for the page to load.

Third Party - Policy # Listv2.png

Once the page has loaded, select the big blue “GO” button. Your desired policy number should now show as the policy number being viewed. Select the “Credentialing Report” hyperlink to download the credentialing report as a PDF.

Third Party - View Documents Screenv2.png

Please give us a call at (800) 421-2368 and select option 1 for Member Services for a password reset.

Please call (800) 421-2368, select Option 1 for Member Services and Option 2 for Certificates. We will be able to give you a status update and expedite your request if needed.

Please submit each request individually in separate emails or faxes. This will allow us to accurately record and keep track of each request.

Please include any other helpful information you may have, such as the insured’s DOB, last four digits of their SSN, their email address on file, or a Certificate of Insurance. This will allow us to provide accurate feedback.

Yes, within your written request, please verify the hospital’s name and full address. The policy or account number—along with the insured’s DOB, last four digits of their SSN, or their email address on file—must be verified. If verification cannot be provided, a release is acceptable as well.

If you receive the “Internal Server Error” message, simply refresh your page, or go back to The Doctors Company homepage and click “Sign In,” and the portal will automatically accept your new password.

Employees and locum tenens share limits of liability with a member, and we do not hold separate records regarding coverage or claims for employees or locum tenens who share limits with another member. With underwriter approval, we are able to generate an Employee or Locum Tenens Coverage Letter instead.

A standard consent to release form is acceptable. The member’s signature and a signed date is required. We accept wet and electronic signatures. The consent form must have appropriate verbiage such as “I authorize the release of my claims information.” A privileges list is not acceptable. If you are in need of a release form, please see the Consent to Release form.

Indemnification Letters are sent out at the time your hospital, clinic, or credentialing facility decides to use electronic signatures. If a dispute arises and any physician denies having authorized a request that is processed on the basis of an e-signature obtained through your system, by signing, you agree to defend and indemnify The Doctors Company against such claims.

To obtain a Certificate of Insurance, please verify the member’s policy or account number, along with either their DOB, SSN, or email address on file. Alternatively, you may submit a signed and dated release. If certain information is not on file for our member, we may require a signed and dated release.

Questions regarding specific claim details will be handled through the Claims department. Please call (800) 421-2368 and select Option 3 to speak with a Claims representative.

Please submit medical board credentialing requests to or fax to (707) 265-3466 for processing.

Please submit your HRA/HIC credentialing requests to

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