Group Administrator Credentialing FAQs

These are some of the common questions that group administrators ask during the credentialing process. We strive to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Please review the questions and answers below. If you still have a question, email or call (800) 421-2368, select Option 1 for Member Services and Option 2 for Certificates.

All credentialing requests can be submitted to or via our secure fax line at (707) 265-3466. Please identify your relation to the insured. You may also call (800) 421-2368, select Option 1 for Member Services and Option 2 for Certificates. You will be asked to verify the insured’s policy or account number, along with their DOB, SSN, or email address on file. If further verification is required, you may be asked to submit a signed and dated release.

Yes, we accept both wet and electronic signatures. Besides signing your name, please also include the date. We require the release to be signed within the last two years from the current date. Include your title within the “Print name of intended recipient and title” section if using the Consent to Release Form. If you are using your own release form, include your title under your signature.

A Claims History report will verify the past 10 years of claims information, the insured’s name, policy number, coverage dates, policy term, specialty, and limits of liability. If there is claims information, there will be a claim number, claim status, incident date, closing date if applicable, indemnity paid, and a claims description.

Claims History reports will show the past 10 years’ worth of claims information. A Loss Run report shows all claims information for all years of coverage. A Loss Run will also show ALAE and Reserves.

Please submit a signed and dated release Consent to Release Form to or fax to (707) 265-3466. You may sign off on the release to receive the report on behalf of the group.

Please submit your request to or our secure fax line at (707) 265-3466. Within the request, please verify two of the following items, or submit a consent to release form.

Policy OR Account Number
Date of Birth
Last 4 of the SSN
Email Address on File

Please note that we may ask you to submit the consent to release form if we do not have verifying information on file. Alternatively, you may call (800) 421-2368, select Option 1 for Member Services, Option 2 for Certificates. Lastly, if you have a web access, you may download a Certificate of Insurance in your online portal at any time.

We will be able to process a Certificate Holder, listing the name of the requested hospital/facility and address on your Certificate of Insurance. Please submit your request to or our secure fax line at (707) 265-3466. Please include the name of the hospital/facility along with the full address, the policy number, and DOB or last four digits of the SSN for the insured in question.

Unfortunately, Claims History reports are not available for locum tenens or employee coverage. Separate records are not held for an insured who shares limits with another member. With underwriter approval, we can generate a Locum Tenens or Employee Coverage Letter instead.

Please allow about three to five business days for processing. If a status update or rush request is needed, please call (800) 421-2368, select Option 1 for Member Services and Option 2 for Certificates. A representative will then be able to locate your request and expedite it if needed.

Click on the “View Documents” link and sign in. You will be brought to the “View Documents” page. The portal will display the credentialing report that was e-delivered to your portal, along with the delivery date.

Click “Credentialing Report” to download the report as a PDF or check the box and click “Download Selected” to download it as a ZIP file.

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Member - View Documents Screenv2.png

Yes, you may generate your own Certificate of Insurance or Claims History report anytime through our on-demand feature. Under “Account Summary,” choose Certificate of Insurance or Credentialing Report. Choose the desired policy number from the drop-down list. Click on the insured in question from the list of member names to download the report.

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Group Admin On Demand ScreenV2.png

Registration is necessary in order to obtain online access. To register online, choose “Register Account” and in the “Not a member?” section, select “I am authorized to act on a member’s behalf.” You may also call (800) 421-2368 and select Option 1 to speak with Member Services to activate your online account. You can also call for additional assistance with the registration process.

You have the ability to access your credentialing reports via a quick and secure method at any time. Once a credentialing report has been sent to the online portal, you will be able to retrieve it through the “Documents” tab. You can also generate a credentialing report yourself through the on demand feature.

If you receive the “Internal Server Error” message, simply refresh your page, or go back to The Doctors Company homepage and click “Sign In,” and the portal will automatically accept your new password.

The dashboard is currently under construction, but documents, billing, and payment options are still available.

Older documents can be viewed within the portal. The dates must be adjusted under the “Documents” tab to view the previously delivered credentialing reports. You can also generate a credentialing report yourself through the on demand feature at any time.

Yes, you can login whether the policy is active or cancelled. Any reports that were sent to you in the “Documents” tab will still be accessible. If you cannot remember your password, use the “Forgot Password” link, or call (800) 421-2368, and select Option 1 for a password reset.

Questions regarding specific claim details will be handled through the Claims department. Please call (800) 421-2368 and select Option 3 to speak with a Claims representative.

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