Jul 22, 2024
Patient Safety Strategies for Oncology
Tamela Morgan, RN, MBA, Patient Safety Risk Manager II, The Doctors Company
The strategies presented here can help oncologists keep their patients safe as they mitigate risks.

Professional Education
Delayed Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
Clinical judgment can prevent physicians from making timely diagnoses. Failures may result when patient assessments are incomplete, there is a narrow diagnostic focus, or a routine screening test is not ordered. In reviewing closed malpractice claims, The Doctors Company identified missed or delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer in the ambulatory Family Practice setting as a reoccurring problem.
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Professional Education
Cervical Cancer Claims: A Review in Gynecology
Cervical cancer medical negligence claims are reviewed over a ten-year period to identify the major case types in which the gynecologist is the responsible party. The factors that contributed to those claims as identified by plaintiff and defense physician experts are discussed through case examples with learner questions. Risk mitigation strategies are identified to guide gynecologists in further providing the safest patient care and thereby improving their risk profile.
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Oct 02, 2020
Oncology Closed Claims Study
The Doctors Company conducted a review of medical and surgical oncology claims that closed between 2012 and 2018. This study was based on claims and lawsuits filed against the more than 500 oncologists insured by The Doctors Company.

Video Feb 10, 2018
What to Expect from Litigation: Dr. Michelin's Perspective
Dr. David P. Michelin, a gynecologic oncologist in Traverse City, Michigan, relates his experience with a malpractice suit involving a hysterectomy and staging for uterine cancer.

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