Social Media Resources for Physicians

Social media is a powerful tool for physicians. Establishing your online presence allows you to engage with patients, grow your reputation, and make your voice heard.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social Media GuideLearn how to take control of your online reputation—and avoid potential liability risks. Our comprehensive guide will help you build your reputation on Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.


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Dealing with Online Patient Complaints

Although the web is a powerful tool for physicians, it becomes problematic when patients post unfavorable opinions. It is nearly impossible to prevent negative comments from being posted and equally difficult to obtain a retraction or remove an adverse comment once posted. Learn what you can do.

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Hear from Social Media’s Leading Physician Voice

In an era when any patient can go online to research a doctor, a physician’s online reputation is as important as a physician’s reputation in the community. Kevin Pho, MD, founder and editor of, shares his top social media strategies to counter erroneous information, connect with patients and colleagues, and influence perceptions of the medical profession.


Quick-Start Guides

Ready to get started on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter? Here’s what you need to know: