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October 31, 2022, Part B News
As Practice Burnout Boils Over, Take Bold Steps to Hold and Head it Off
Even as pandemic pressures fade, symptoms of burnout in medical providers are getting worse rather than better. Robert Morton, MAS, CPPS, Assistant Vice President, Department of Patient Safety and Risk Management, The Doctors Company, discusses the reasons for increased physician burnout and provides constructive tools to improve and combat symptoms.

October 21, 2022, Medscape
COVID Lawsuits Have Arrived: Which Doctors Are at Risk?
Peter Kolbert, SVP for Healthcare Risk Advisors, part of TDC Group, discusses how physicians have long worried about the legal consequences of COVID-19 and whether lawsuits might arise from the care that was provided or that was delayed by the pandemic. Now, new data reflect the grim news: COVID claims have arrived.

October 16, 2022, The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner
Avoiding Medical Malpractice: An Interview with David Feldman, MD, MBA
Dr. David L. Feldman, Chief Medical Officer for The Doctors Company, speaks with Andrew Wilner, MD, FACP, FAAN, Associate Professor of Neurology, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, on ways to improve patient outcomes and prevent medical malpractice.

October 11, 2022, KevinMD
Primary Care 2.0: New Thinking and Practice Redesign
Megan Mahoney, a family physician and member of the Board of Governors of The Doctors Company and TDC Group, explains the several principles that have informed her primary care practice team’s thinking about practice redesign.

October 10, 2022, ASGE
Exploring the Malpractice Claims Experience in the Ambulatory Endoscopic Units: Closed Claims, 2010-2020
The Doctors Company conducted an analysis of malpractice claims to better appreciate what motivates patients and their families to pursue claims and to gain a broader overview of system failures and processes that result in patient harm.

October 05, 2022, Business Insurance
Dobbs Decision Casts Shadow on Med Mal
Robert White, President of The Doctors Company and TDC Group, explains how the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn the 50-year-old Roe vs. Wade ruling has created uncertainty for medical providers and medical malpractice insurers.

September 29, 2022, Medical Economics
Why Medication Safety Is a Problem and What Providers Can Do About It
David L. Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer, and Richard F. Cahill, JD, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, write about the risks from medication errors and offer best practices for medication monitoring and management.

September 15, 2022, Medical Economics
Amplify a Culture of Safety in Your Medical Practice
David Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer for The Doctors Company and TDC Group, writes in “Medical Economics” on the four founding elements of a safety culture: mutual respect, teamwork, human factors engineering, and cultivation of a just culture.

June 22, 2022, Medscape
Malpractice Case: What Could Have Prevented This Severe Stroke Outcome?
Our case study, published by Medscape, illustrates how differing opinions by remote and in-person physicians—followed by system breakdowns—can waste critical time and end in unfortunate results.

June 10, 2022, Medscape
'My Malpractice Insurance Doubled!' Why, When Fewer Patients Are Suing?
Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Doctors Company and TDC Group, is among those quoted on why severity is the reason premiums are up even though the number of claims is down.