Financial Strength

The Doctors Company has always been guided by a fundamental belief: That the practice of good medicine should be advanced, protected, and rewarded. Our financial success has been built on a conservative business philosophy designed to fully empower this mission. For this reason, and many others, we are the nation's largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, giving us the power and financial resources necessary to protect our members today and for many years to come.

Financial Strength Ratings

A (Excellent) AM Best

A (Strong) Fitch Ratings

Financial Highlights

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Unrivaled financial
strength and backing
for our members



We’re the nation’s largest
physician-owned medical
malpractice insurer




Strongest of any national 
medical liability carrier

(Dollars in Thousands)
Total Assets $6,910,000
Loss Reserves $3,301,000
Direct Premiums Written $1,335,000
Net Premiums Earned $1,159,000
Policyholders' Surplus $2,715,000
Number of Insured Members 89,000




Written Premium-to-Surplus Ratio

This ratio, based on net written premium, is a measure of our financial strength. Industry standards prescribe a ratio no higher than 3.0:1.


Reserves-to-Surplus Ratio

This ratio is a measure of our financial stability. Industry standards prescribe a ratio no higher than 4.0:1.

The Doctors Company is part of TDC Group. These results include all insurance entities of TDC Group, with the exception of number of insured members, which only includes members of The Doctors Company and The Doctors Company Risk Retention Group.

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