The Doctor’s Advocate | First Quarter 2017
Case Studies

What to Expect from Litigation: Dr. Del Zotto’s Perspective

Our Case Studies series highlights one member’s personal experience in facing a malpractice claim. Any physician who might become the target of litigation can benefit from hearing peers talk about the emotional impact of being sued and the support they received throughout the litigation process.

This quarter, we feature Thomas Del Zotto, DPM. A 50-year-old woman presented to Dr. Del Zotto with painful lesions on the bottom of her foot. After diagnosis, Dr. Del Zotto discussed treatment options, but the results of the treatment were temporary, and the patient chose to undertake the next level of treatment. When the patient was still unsatisfied, she brought a claim against Dr. Del Zotto. Dr. Del Zotto describes this experience as the “overwhelming feeling of being a duck in a pond with half a dozen shotguns pointed right at you.”

In a case such as this one, where patient and doctor had varying recollections of the postoperative instructions, selection of defense is of vital importance. The Doctors Company put together a winning defense team that Dr. Del Zotto describes as a “remarkable compilation of many pieces of a puzzle.” Dr. Del Zotto’s testimony and his defense team carefully helped the jury understand the medicine behind the case—and the jury exonerated him.

Watch this compelling video, which outlines the strong team behind Dr. Del Zotto as he faced a difficult battle in the courtroom.

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First Quarter 2017

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Case Studies
What to Expect from Litigation: Dr. Del Zotto’s Perspective

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