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First Quarter 2014

New YouTube Playlist Focuses on Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS)

Our YouTube channel makes it easy for members to keep up with emerging trends in medicine from some of the industry’s most respected experts.

A recently added playlist includes three short videos focusing on IDS. “Integrated Delivery Systems: Delivering Value” features Tawnya Bosko, MHA, MS, MSHL. In the videos, Ms. Bosko defines IDS, lists the four key components for success, and discusses the many ways to structure IDS depending on state regulations.

Each video in the playlist takes less than three minutes to watch.

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OB Advisory Board Meeting

Partnering with leaders is key to our commitment to advancing the practice of good medicine. Insights from our specialty advisory boards help ensure that our patient safety programs incorporate the latest thinking about best practices in patient care.

A recent meeting of our OB Advisory Board brought together a select group of practitioners with leaders from our patient safety, claims, and underwriting departments. Participants reviewed claims data, contributed to a roundtable on performance improvement indicators in the ambulatory care environment, and discussed 2014 education programs.

Learn more about our specialty advisory boards at


Reaping Tribute Rewards

Members who have participated in the Tribute® Plan since its inception in 2007 have an average account balance of $15,564. To see your estimated balance and project your award, sign in at


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