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As your partner in patient safety, we are pleased to offer the Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Credit Program, our voluntary program that is open to all qualifying member emergency medicine (EM) physicians and their affiliated staff. The program, which is built around the most common types of emergency medicine claims, rewards physicians and their affiliated staff who successfully implement our patient safety recommendations. Qualifying members who successfully meet the requirements will receive a patient safety premium credit of up to 10 percent applied to their next two policy renewal periods and 14 hours of CME credit.

Eligibility Requirements 

Participants must meet three requirements within 12 months of signing up for the program:

  1. Complete a practice review using The Doctors Company Interactive Guide for Emergency Medicine Physicians; your patient safety risk manager will assist you. If your practice would like to receive credit for the American Board of Emergency Medicine Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requisite for a practice improvement activity, please see the additional requirements below.
  2. Complete six online educational modules developed by The Sullivan Group (TSG). The risk and patient safety courses focus on high-risk areas in emergency medicine with a particular focus on the issues associated with missed and delayed diagnoses. The education portion consists of six courses:
    • Emergency Medicine Risk Initiative (EMRI) Risk and Patient Safety Part I,
    • EMRI Risk and Patient Safety Part II,
    • Cognitive Errors, and
    • three additional courses based on your claims history and recommendations offered by The Doctors Company’s patient safety/risk manager.
  3. Your patient safety risk manager will review implementation of recommendations and practice improvements based on the interactive guide findings.

How to Get Your Credit 

To receive the patient safety premium credit, members must demonstrate they have met the requirements by:

  • participating in a practice review,
  • successfully completing the six EM courses, and
  • discussing practice improvements with their patient safety risk manager.

To Receive MOC Credit 

To meet the practice improvement activity component for maintenance of board certification (granted by TSG), additional requirements include reviewing the patient clinical care data from 10 patients related to a single presentation, disease, or clinical care process; developing and implementing a practice improvement plan; and completing another review of the patient clinical care data from 10 additional patients.

Discounted Rate 

In partnership with TSG, The Doctors Company offers members a one-year license to access and participate in the six online courses at the discounted rate of $240. Additional courses can be purchased individually. If the group or individual physician also wants to meet the practice improvement activity component for maintenance of board certification, the additional cost is $150. If a course is purchased individually, it will be removed from the bundle, and the price of the bundle will be reduced accordingly.

To Get Started

To find out if you qualify, contact us at patientsafety@thedoctors.com or (800) 421-2368. You can also learn more by reading our frequently asked questions.

For Members Who Have Already Signed Up 

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