Litigation Education Retreats: Preparing a Strong Defense

We're always looking ahead to help our members anticipate issues before they can become problems. Because when your reputation and livelihood are on the line, you need a strategy made for your success both in and out of the courtroom. Our experts help you understand why physicians get sued, while our legal defense teams work alongside you to prepare you for any kind of litigation.

Facing a medical malpractice lawsuit is one of the most trying experiences you encounter as a physician, adding to the pressures of an already demanding profession. Hear from one of our members on how to overcome the stress of a lawsuit, keep relationships intact, and continue to provide the vital medical care on which your community relies.

We created regional Litigation Education Retreats to help our members master defense tactics and deliver sound testimony. Preparation is the key to victory, and when our members enter the courtroom, they are ready to fight and win.

Watch this six-minute video to learn more about the unique value of our Litigation Education Retreats—and how participating helped one doctor gain the confidence to fight.