Risk Management Lessons Offered to Medical and Dental Practice Managers

Napa, California—June 9, 2020—Now is a critical time for practice managers to develop in-depth awareness about current risks—as new threats emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help practices prevent injuries, claims, or financial penalties for noncompliance, The Doctors Company offers a unique training program, “Risk Management Fundamentals for the Practice Manager.”

The complimentary program is available exclusively to practice managers employed by members of The Doctors Company. The lessons apply to all practice managers: clinical and non-clinical, those new to the job, and those with years of experience.

“As practice managers, we learn on the job, but most of us have not had the opportunity to attend any formal risk management training,” said Rose Guadan, practice manager for Faceology in Newport Beach, California. “Since completing the Fundamentals program, I have been able to do a more confident job of training my team members regarding best practices for daily tasks.”

Upon completion of the 15 self-paced, on-demand lessons, a practice manager will have expertise in:

  • Identifying the most common risks or exposures in the practice and strategies that can mitigate them.
  • Self-assessing the practice to determine what strategies are currently in place and what strategies should be implemented.
  • Planning the appropriate steps to implement new or improved strategies that can eliminate or reduce the identified risks or exposures.

Each lesson features original content developed by experts from The Doctors Company, and reflects company’s mission to protect the practice of good medicine.

“We are proud to offer this training program to help practice managers so that they can help others, particularly in this time of great need,” said Kerin Torpey Bashaw, MPH, BSN, RN, senior vice president of patient safety and risk management for The Doctors Company. “As business closure restrictions are eased and practice managers return to their important roles, these lessons provide them an opportunity to refresh their skills as they face new challenges and risks.”

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