Information Privacy Breach, Electronic Data Recovery, and Regulatory Protection

CyberGuard® is aggressive, broad coverage that protects doctors against regulatory and liability claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of patient or financial information, as well as the cost of data recovery. We were the first insurer to include cyber liability protection as part of our medical liability coverage, and we continue to include this critical coverage for the fastest-growing threats to your practice.

CyberGuard Covers the Industry's Broadest Range of Data Security Risks

Limits are $50,000 per incident with a $50,000 annual limit per policy period.

Information Security and Privacy Liability

Includes coverage for damages and expenses resulting from privacy law violations, including the theft or loss of personally identifiable information.

Privacy Breach Response Services

Provides expert forensic and legal assistance when a breach occurs.

Regulatory Defense and Penalties

Covers defense expenses and penalties for regulatory proceedings resulting from privacy law violations.

Website Media Content Liability

Covers claims alleging copyright infringement, plagiarism, libel/slander and other acts committed during media activities.

Cyber Extortion (e.g., Ransomware)

Includes coverage for damages and expenses for a threat to breach computer security.

First Party Network Data Protection

Provides coverage for damages and expenses incurred by the failure of computer security to prevent a breach.

First Party Network Business Interruption

Provides coverage for the interruption or suspension of business when computer security fails to prevent a breach.

Notification Services (5,000 Individuals)

Covers notification to individuals whose personally identifiable information has been affected by a breach.

To learn more about CyberGuard or to increase your limits, contact your local agent or call The Doctors Company directly at 888-619-7729.


All policy provisions are subject to regulatory and underwriting approval and may vary by state. You should consult your representative regarding specifics for group aggregates, retention, notification services, and coverage clarifications.

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