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What are the fastest-growing threats to your practice?

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Why Do Orthopedists Get Sued

Why Do Orthopedists Get Sued

The Practice of orthopedics has underlying vulnerabilities.

A study of 1,895 claims reveals the top patient allegations and causes of patient injury.

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How Doctors Can Harness Social Media

How Doctors Can Harness Social Media

Your online reputation is as important as your community reputation. Get expert advice from Kevin Pho, MD, and resources to grow your online presence.

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Cybersecurity: Protect Against Healthcare Data Breach Risks

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Patient Safety Updates



CMS Compliance Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Prevention

As of January 1, 2016, there are new CMS training requirements for Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse prevention.




Patient Safety Challenges in General Dentistry

Guidelines suggested here address patient safety issues in general dentistry practices.




There's an App for That: Benefits and Risks of Using Mobile Apps for Healthcare

With over 100,000 mobile health apps now available, physicians now have to handle an increasing amount of constant data and patient information tha...




Requests to Amend a Medical Record

When a patient requests an amendment to the medical record, the record should contain both the patient's request and the physician's response.




Best Practices for Creating an Accountable Care Organization

The health care system is moving toward Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and industry thought leaders recommend best practices for forming an...




Analysis of Cerebral Vascular Accidents and Case Studies

Physicians can improve patient prognosis by educating staff to recognize signs and symptoms of cerebral vascular accidents (CVAs).

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