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Ransomware attacks are on the rise!

Ransomware attacks are on the rise!

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EHR & Malpractice

This comprehensive report can help you identify your greatest EHR-related malpractice risks—and provides tips to mitigate them.

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Why Do Hospitalists Get Sued?

Why Do Hospitalists Get Sued?

A study of 464 claims against hospitalists reveals the most common types of claims, what led to patient injury, and top risk mitigation strategies.

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What are the fastest-growing threats to your practice?

Learn practical steps to protect your livelihood in our complimentary new report, “Top Business Risks for Medical Practices.”

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Why Do Orthopedists Get Sued

Why Do Orthopedists Get Sued

The Practice of orthopedics has underlying vulnerabilities.

A study of 1,895 claims reveals the top patient allegations and causes of patient injury.

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How Doctors Can Harness Social Media

How Doctors Can Harness Social Media

Your online reputation is as important as your community reputation. Get expert advice from Kevin Pho, MD, and resources to grow your online presence.

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Patient Safety Updates



Relocating, Merging, or Closing Your Medical Practice? Follow These Tips

Physician practices undergo closure for many reasons, including physician illness, death, relocation, or the physician’s decision to sell, practice...




Case Study: Documentation and Scope of Practice Issues

Obtaining written and verbal informed consent and patient response to follow-up care are crucial steps to improve patient safety and mitigate risk ...




Malpractice Claims Consume Years of a Physician's Career

On average, each physician spends 50.7 months, or approximately 11 percent of an average 40-year career, on resolving medical malpractice cases, th...




Hospitalist Closed Claims Study

This review of 464 closed hospitalist claims identifies top allegations and factors contributing to patient injury.




Cybersecurity: Mitigate Against Hacking, Ransomware, and Data Breach Risks

Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars each year and causes organizations to devote substantial time and resources to keeping their ...




Frequently Asked Questions: Medical Records Issues

Our experts answer frequently asked questions about medical records, such as length of retention, how to destroy hard copy paper records, and makin...

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