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Read about our industry leadership and our efforts to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine.

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  • MAR 30, 2015
    House Provision Offers Doctors More Protection Against Malpractice Suits, The New York Times
    Hal Dasinger, vice president of government relations at The Doctors Company, provides insight on a bill passed by the House of Representatives that gives new protections to doctors against medical malpractice lawsuits.
  • MAR 20, 2015
    Reduce Malpractice Risks When Treating Cardiac Patients, Physicians Practice
    David B. Troxel, MD, medical director at The Doctors Company, describes why all physicians should take note of a recent study of cardiology malpractice claims in which cardiologists are named, because other specialties also tended to be named in these lawsuits.
  • FEB 18, 2015
    What We Can Learn From Cardiology-Related Malpractice Claims, KevinMD
    Sandeep Mangalmurti, MD, a cardiologist and lead researcher at the American College of Cardiology Medical Liability Working Group, cites The Doctors Company Cardiology Closed Claims Study in his discussion of the wide cross-section of claims cardiologists face.
  • FEB 18, 2015
    Dive into Cardiology Liability Claims Reveals Common Mistakes, Cardiovascular Business
    Darrell Ranum, JD, vice president of patient safety for The Doctors Company, brings awareness to common claims against cardiologists and outlines how to mitigate these risks.

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Emergency Medicine Closed Claims Study Emergency Medicine Closed Claims Study
The practice of emergency medicine has underlying vulnerabilities that can put patients at risk of injury and can increase liability for doctors. This graphic outlines the most common patient safety risks.

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