The Doctors Company Foundation Awards Over $5 Million to Advance the Practice of Good Medicine

Napa, California—April 5, 2017—The Doctors Company Foundation has reached a $5 million milestone in grants for patient safety research and educational training. The Foundation works to improve communication among healthcare providers and help physicians stay on top of the latest risks and advancements in healthcare.

“Creating an atmosphere where facts are transferred between providers in a respectful and open manner is critical to patient safety,” said David B. Troxel, MD, chairman of the Foundation and medical director of The Doctors Company. “These grants are evidence of the uncompromising commitment to our mission of advancing the practice of good medicine in every way, no matter how a physician practices in today’s environment. Grants have been awarded to individual physicians doing research, national nonprofit patient safety organizations, and academic medical centers.”

For example, the Foundation gave over $1 million in grants to sponsors of the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety, an immersive training session that teaches young doctors and nurses about the effects of poor or disrespectful communication on patient safety.

“The Doctors Company Foundation has helped us train a new generation of healthcare leaders with a fundamental focus on making patient care safer and higher quality,” said David Mayer, MD, vice president of quality and safety, MedStar Health, and the founder of the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety. “Our graduates become leaders and patient safety advocates—they are passionate about creating safer care for patients and families.”

The Foundation also provides healthcare practitioners with guidance and resources to address and prevent costly medical errors.

The Foundation granted nearly $150,000 to the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) to develop guidelines to help organizations improve the way they investigate errors, adverse events, and near-misses. Organizations nationwide are implementing these guidelines to conduct better analyses of their medical errors and risks, fostering more transparency among physicians, patients, and families.

“We are grateful to the Foundation for its continued, meaningful investment in NPSF and those working in the safety field,” said Patricia McGaffigan, chief operating officer and senior vice president of program strategy, NPSF. “For many years, the Foundation has worked with us to identify and share the practices, strategies, and solutions that can prevent error and harm to patients and the workforce.”

The Foundation’s grants complement other company efforts to advance patient safety. These include offerings from the Patient Safety and Risk Management Department to assist members in creating a patient safety culture, measuring patient satisfaction, learning how to avoid risks through analysis of closed claims data, and identifying hidden liability risks.

About The Doctors Company Foundation
The purpose of the Foundation is to support patient safety education for healthcare professionals and patient safety research with clinically useful applications. In this context, patient safety is defined as a healthcare discipline that minimizes the incidence and impact of adverse events by redesigning systems and processes using human factors principles to reduce errors. Visit

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