Doctors Can Leverage Physician-Rating Sites to Build Their Online Brand

Four New Videos Featuring Kevin Pho, MD, Help Doctors Navigate Dynamic Online Landscape

Napa, California—July 21, 2015—How doctors can establish, monitor, and protect their online reputation is covered in four new YouTube videos released by The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer. The videos are created as the part of the collaborative effort between The Doctors Company and Kevin Pho, MD, founder and editor of, focusing on the important role social media plays in the changing healthcare environment.

In this era of transparency—when 7 out of 10 Internet users access health-related information and research their doctors online—it is more important than ever for doctors to proactively manage their online reputation. Because patients conduct Internet research on doctors, a physician’s online reputation is as vital as a physician’s reputation in the community. A doctor’s online presence may be a patient’s first impression.

In “Establishing a Physician’s Online Reputation” and “Physician-Rating Sites: Friend or Foe?”, Dr. Pho explains how doctors can use physician-rating sites to build their reputation by highlighting information about themselves that will appear when patients Google their names. Dr. Pho also addresses how to monitor and protect your online reputation once it’s established in the videos “How to Monitor Your Online Reputation” and “How to Protect Your Online Reputation.”

“These videos are part of our efforts to help doctors adapt to evolving communication channels, where they now need to define themselves,” said Stacy Schultz, senior vice president of marketing for The Doctors Company. “These videos and our other industry-leading social media resources reflect our mission to advance the practice of good medicine.”

Visit to access these videos and other social media resources for physicians.

About The Doctors Company
Founded and led by physicians, The Doctors Company ( is relentlessly committed to advancing, protecting, and rewarding the practice of good medicine. The Doctors Company is the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, with 76,000 members and $4.5 billion in assets, and is rated A by A.M. Best Company and Fitch Ratings.

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About Kevin Pho, MD
Kevin Pho, MD, is the founder and editor of and co-author of the book Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices.

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