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2016 Young Physicians Patient Safety Awards Announced

Medical Students Honored by The Doctors Company Foundation and Lucian Leape Institute

Chicago, Illinois—June 10, 2016—Today, six medical students received the prestigious 2016 Young Physicians Patient Safety Award for their essays detailing personal insights into the significance of patient safety work. Winners were recognized at the Annual Association of American Medical College’s Integrating Quality Meeting and received $5,000 from The Doctors Company Foundation, which co-sponsored the contest with the Lucian Leape Institute.

David B. Troxel, MD, chairman of The Doctors Company Foundation, announced the following winners:

  • Li Wang, University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry.
  • Nathanial S. Nolan, University of Missouri, Columbia.
  • Neelaysh Vukkadala, University of California, San Francisco.
  • Shivani Sud, University of North Carolina School of Medicine.
  • Benjamin Cramer, Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine, Quinnipiac University.
  • Beryl Manning-Geist, Emory University School of Medicine.

“The Doctors Company Foundation supports patient safety education for healthcare professionals both in training and practice,” said Leona H. Rice, executive director of the Foundation. “We are proud to honor these young physicians whose deeply personal stories will inspire others as we all work to make a culture of safety integral to the practice of medicine.”

The Doctors Company Foundation was created in 2008 by The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, in support of the company’s mission to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine.

The winning essays, which describe instructional patient safety events the winners experienced during clinical rotations, can be read at

About The Doctors Company Foundation
The purpose of the Foundation is to support patient safety education for healthcare professionals, patient safety research with clinically useful applications, and medical professional liability research. In this context, patient safety is defined as a healthcare discipline that minimizes the incidence and impact of adverse events by redesigning systems and processes using human factors principles to reduce errors.


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