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October 20, 2017, U.S. News
Here’s Why Your Doctor Might 'Divorce' You
In this article, Rich Cahill, vice president and associate general counsel at The Doctors Company, provides tips for terminating patient relationships.

October 16, 2017, POLITICO Pro eHealth
Report: EHR-Related Malpractice Suits Have Increased
This article features David B. Troxel, MD, medical director at The Doctors Company, who discusses the findings from a review of EHR-related claims from 80,000 doctors from July 2014 through December 2016.

August 18, 2017, Ob.Gyn News
Key Steps to Preventing Patient Injury
Susan Mann, MD, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and member of The Doctors Company and its Obstetrics Advisory Board, discusses the clinical guide to improving patient safety and managing risk and Obstetrics Closed Claims Study by The Doctors Company. In this article, Dr. Mann outlines two key communication failures revealed in the claims data and offers tips to minimize liability exposure and improve patient safety.

August 1, 2017, The Washington Post
In Trump Era, Lobbyists Boldly Take Credit for Writing Bill to Protect Their Industry
Richard E. Anderson, MD, chairman and CEO of The Doctors Company, speaks out on malpractice tort reform and for laws that "meet the needs of those they are meant to govern."

July 26, 2017, Medscape
When Friends and Family Ambush You for Free Medical Advice
In this article, Robin Diamond, senior vice president of patient safety and risk management at The Doctors Company, provides tips on what physicians can do to protect themselves when dispensing informal advice.

July 21, 2017, The Buffalo News
Another Voice: Why Heart Disease is Sometimes Misdiagnosed
This article on misdiagnosed cardiovascular disease is based on the data-driven insights from a study by The Doctors Company and CRICO Strategies.

June 10, 2017, The Washington Post
Is Your Surgeon Double-Booked?
In this article about concurrent surgeries, Robin Diamond, senior vice president for patient safety and risk management at the Doctors Company, discusses why adequate informed consent is essential.

June 28, 2017, Insurance Journal
Commentary: Florida High Court Med Mal Award Cap Ruling Ignores Market History
Robert White, senior vice president and regional operating officer at The Doctors Company, discusses the Florida Supreme Court ruling and explains why the disappointing decision is not an unexpected one.

June 26, 2017, Becker's Hospital Review
Survey Reveals Lack of Training and Standardization with Medical Scribes
This article on the risks of using medical scribes features data from a national survey of The Doctors Company's members.

June 12, 2017, Physicians Practice
Five EHR-Related Medical Malpractice Landmines
This article features David B. Troxel, MD, medical director, who discusses the EHR-related liability risks identified in The Doctors Company’s closed claims study.

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