The Doctors Company Marks American Heart Month with Focus on Treating Women with Heart Disease

In recognition of American Heart Month, The Doctors Company is focusing on the differences in early symptoms and signs of impending heart attack that may make coronary heart disease more difficult to recognize in women than in men. Failure to diagnose heart disease can lead to severe injury or even death.

To learn more, read the risk tip “Undiagnosed Heart Disease in Women Poses Malpractice Risk” about a case in which failure to diagnose acute myocardial infarction resulted in death.


Other Available Resources on Treating Patients with Heart Disease

The Doctors Company has also created a video series that showcases actual claims experiences to provide physicians with insight into what to expect if they are sued for malpractice. The majority of physicians will face a malpractice claim at some point in their career. In fact, research indicates that physicians spend an average of four years over a 40-year career fighting malpractice claims.

One of the videos in the series features cardiologist Darlene M. Go. Dr. Go discusses the claim that was made against her and how the support of her insurer, her attorney, and expert witnesses helped her win her case.


The Doctors Company Marks American Heart Health Month with Tips for Cardiac Patients
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Patients with heart problems also have an important role to play in ensuring the best treatment outcomes. Physicians can share this information with their patients with the infographic “Cardiac Patients: Take Responsibility During Your Treatment.”

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