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First Quarter 2013

Study Shows Malpractice Claims Consume Years of Physicians’ Careers

We provided the RAND Corporation and other researchers unfettered access to our claims database with over 40,000 physicians who had faced malpractice claims between 1995 and 2005 in every U.S. state and the District of Columbia.

In the video, “Pending Malpractice Claims Consume Physicians’ Careers,” Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP, chairman and CEO of The Doctors Company, discusses the RAND study, finding that the average physician spends 50.7 months, or over four years, of a 40-year career fighting malpractice claims—the majority of which end up with no indemnity payment. High-risk specialists such as neurosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons spend nearly a quarter of their careers defending themselves against this litigation onslaught.

“We are pleased to share our unique claims database for this significant research,” Dr. Anderson said. “These findings by the RAND Corporation are objective evidence that the litigation system needs to be fixed so physicians can spend their time practicing good medicine instead of fighting claims, the majority of which are fruitless, if not frivolous.”

To view the video and to subscribe to The Doctors Company YouTube channel, go to To view more extensive data on the time spent by physicians on malpractice claims, go to

Earn Free CME Credits with Our Webinars

Our 2013 schedule of complimentary Webinars—open to all doctors and staff—can help you earn continuing medical education (CME) credits. Here’s a sample of the topics we’re covering:

Upcoming Webinars (Earn 1.0 CME Credit)
April 11 FAQs: Answers to Common Patient Safety Questions
April 17 Sexual Harassment: A Ticking Time Bomb
April 23 Managing Risks in Anesthesia
April 29 Health Literacy: Do Your Patients Understand?
May 1 Keeping Children Safe During Radiology Procedures
May 13 Adverse Outcome Disclosure: What to Do When the Unexpected Occurs
May 21 HIPAA: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
May 29 “But I’m Only the Nurse”: Understanding the Nurse’s Role in Patient Safety
June 4 RAC Audits
June 11 Lessons Learned When the Power Goes Out
Go to to register or to see a complete list of topics and dates.


YouTube Video Series Continues to Expand

Our Executive Advisory Board Speaker Series features short videos posted on YouTube. The videos deliver insights from industry thought leaders who cover topics of importance to medical practices in the evolving health care environment.

New videos in the series include “Liability Implications of Health Care Delivery Changes,” with James W. Saxton, Esq., of Stevens & Lee Health Care Litigation and Risk Management Group, discussing how accountable care organizations and individual physicians may face increased risk with health care reform.

In “Sharing Data to Manage Quality and Reduce Costs,” Laura P. Jacobs, MPH, executive vice president of The Camden Group, outlines how electronic health records can be a key to success in managing quality of care and reducing costs.

To view all of the videos in our series and to subscribe to The Doctors Company YouTube channel, go to


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First Quarter 2013

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