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Political Advocacy
We are relentless on your behalf.

The Doctors Company has an unmatched record of supporting medical liability reform and of vigorously advocating in defense of the practice of good medicine. We were founded on these principles, and we have worked tirelessly for more than 30 years to achieve a better balance between the rights of plaintiffs and defendants. We continue to seek tort reform that protects physicians against the seemingly limitless expansion of potential liability without compromising fair redress for those with real injuries.

Contribute to Our Political Action Committees

The Doctors Company’s state and federal political action committees (DOCPACs) advocate for and defend medical liability reforms in their respective states and in Congress. By contributing to a DOCPAC, you can help us in the fight to protect the practice of good medicine.


California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) has served as a model for medical liability reform nationwide. See our briefing on the history, major provisions, and benefits of MICRA.

Recent Political Advocacy Articles

Second Quarter 2016, The Doctor's Advocate, Elizabeth Healy
Every Aspect of the Litigation Process Is Subject to Legislative Action
Trial lawyers continually find new and inventive ways to undermine medical liability reforms. The government relations team advocates tirelessly in defense of our members.

First Quarter 2016, The Doctor's Advocate, Elizabeth Healy
The 2016 Election Is in Full Swing
With help from our members, we work to elect candidates who will support and protect medical liability reform.

Fourth Quarter 2015, The Doctor's Advocate, Hal Dasinger
Damage Caps and Equal Protection: Two States, Two Views
Appellate courts in California and Florida recently dealt with constitutional challenges to noneconomic damage limits.

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Learn more about The Doctors Company and the birth of the mission we relentlessly pursue.


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