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Medical Associations and Societies

Many medical associations and societies have joined the campaign for meaningful medical liability reform. Explore our comprehensive list of links to learn more.

National: American Medical Association
Alabama: Medical Association of the State of Alabama
Arkansas: Arkansas Medical Society
California: California Medical Association
Colorado: Colorado Medical Society
Delaware: Medical Society of Delaware
Connecticut: Connecticut State Medical Society
Florida: Florida Medical Association
Indiana: Indiana State Medical Association
Illinois: Illinois State Medical Society
Iowa: Iowa Medical Society
Kansas: Kansas Medical Society
Louisiana: Louisiana State Medical Society
Maine: Maine Medical Association
Maryland: Maryland State Medical Association
Massachusetts: Massachusetts Medical Society
Michigan: Michigan State Medical Society
Minnesota: Minnesota Medical Association
Missouri: Missouri State Medical Association
Mississippi: Mississippi State Medical Association
Nebraska: Nebraska Medical Association
New Hampshire: New Hampshire Medical Society
New Jersey: Medical Society of New Jersey
New Mexico: New Mexico Medical Society
North Carolina: North Carolina Medical Society
North Dakota: North Dakota Medical Association
New York: Medical Society of the State of New York
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Medical Society
Tennessee: Tennessee Medical Association
Texas: Texas Medical Association
Utah: Utah Medical Association
Virginia: Medical Society of Virginia
Vermont: Vermont Medical Society
Washington: Washington State Medical Association
West Virginia: West Virginia State Medical Association
Wisconsin: State Medical Society of Wisconsin
Wyoming: Wyoming Medical Society



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