Why Should MICRA Be Preserved?

Because MICRA Works!

MICRA Payments Have Increased Faster than Inflation
Average payments under MICRA have outstripped inflation. Unlike some state tort laws, MICRA does not limit payment for economic damages.

MICRA Means More Money for Injured Patients
MICRA’s sliding scale on attorneys’ fees means $111,000 more for a plaintiff receiving a $1 million settlement.

MICRA Does Not Reduce Access to the Legal System
California’s claims frequency is typically 50 percent higher than the national average excluding California.

MICRA Reduces Average Time to Settlement*
This puts money in patient’s hands sooner.
*Indemnity payments only

MICRA Reduces Average Cost of Settlement
These savings are passed on in the form of lower malpractice insurance rates and lower increases in healthcare costs than in any other states.

MICRA Reduces California Malpractice Insurance Rates by 33 percent
Compared to pre-MICRA rates adjusted to 2003 dollars.

MICRA Reduces Defensive Medicine Costs
According to Stanford University researchers David P. Kessler and Mark McClellan, liability reforms could produce healthcare savings of between 5 and 9 percent or up to $50 billion per year nationwide.

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