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Patient Safety

We provide the tools you need to help reduce risk and keep your practice safe.

ICD-10 Resources

Make a Successful Transition to ICD-10

Get ready for the new coding system with these
helpful resources.

Specialty Advisory Boards

We bring together top practitioners from around the country to discuss specialty-specific patient safety issues.

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Top Tips for Avoiding HIPAA Violations

Texting can lead to HIPAA violations—learn how to reduce your risk in this video risk tip.

Mid-level Practitioner Liability—Preventive Action and Loss Reduction Plan

Mid-level Practitioner Liability—
Preventive Action and Loss Reduction Plan

Learn strategies that can help you avoid liability risks when hiring or working with mid-level practitioners.

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  • NOV 01, 2014
    Strategies to Reduce Liability Risks for Hospitalists
    Two common problem areas for hospitalists are confusion regarding the hospitalist's role in the patient care continuum and miscommunication during the different phases of inpatient care, especially during handoffs.
  • OCT 21, 2014
    Ebola Resources
    These resources can help healthcare providers and staff increase their knowledge about Ebola.
  • OCT 07, 2014
    Communication Is Key to Improving Diabetic Patient Outcomes and Reducing Liability
    It’s not uncommon for diabetic patients to file claims against their diabetes care team for failure to properly diagnose, supervise, monitor, and/or treat their disease. This article outlines ways physicians can have effective conversations with their patients to decrease malpractice risks.
  • OCT 02, 2014
    ICD-10: Resources for a Successful Transition
    The deadline for transitioning to ICD-10 is October 1, 2015, and there are many steps providers must take to get ready. If not properly implemented, ICD-10 could greatly affect reimbursement.
  • OCT 01, 2014
    Preventing Wrong Tooth Extraction
    Prevent wrong tooth extraction with risk management steps such as documenting the reasons for the extraction, promoting safety systems, and obtaining informed consent.


Connect with Our Patient Safety Experts

When you need personal attention, call on our dedicated patient safety risk managers. Connect with us at (800) 421-2368, extension 1243, or at to learn how we can support your practice.

Clinical Tools and Programs

Arbitration Program 
We offer resources on physician-patient arbitration for California and Florida members.

EHR and Telemedicine Resource Center
Avoid potential liability risks associated with new technologies.

FDA Drug Alerts
Sign up for the PDR Network, a secure, free online service that delivers urgent FDA drug and medical device alerts to health care practitioners.


Informed Consent Resources
Manage patients’ expectations with more than 100 sample forms.

Interactive Guides/Site Surveys
Uncover areas of potential liability in your practice with our self-paced guides.

Specialty Advisory Boards
We work with top practitioners from around the country to identify and resolve critical issues facing medicine today.


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