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Patient Safety
and Risk Resources

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Resources

  • OCT 25, 2016
    Optimize the EHR: Better Workflow Means Better Work-Life Balance
    There are tools that can streamline patient care and payment workflows in the electronic health record (EHR). By dedicating time and effort up front to optimize the EHR, physicians can get relief from administrative tasks, reduce duplicate entry of data, and save time by not having to search for records in multiple places.
  • APR 20, 2015
    Mid-level Practitioner Liability—Preventive Action and Loss Reduction Plan
    This booklet can help practitioners avoid liability risks when hiring or working with mid-level practitioners.
  • DEC 10, 2014
    Editorial Comment on Maintenance of Certification
    David B. Troxel, MD
    Dr. Troxel suggests ways to restructure the MoC examination process to adapt it to changes in the healthcare delivery system.
    From The Doctor's Advocate
  • DEC 20, 2013
    Interactive Guide to Patient Safety for Office Practices
    This interactive guide is designed to help you uncover areas of potential malpractice exposure in your practice.
  • OCT 03, 2013
    Medical Clearance
    Susan L. Marr, MSA, CPHRM
    Medical clearance should involve an exchange of information between the surgeon and the assessing physician to mitigate risk to the surgical patient.
  • OCT 30, 2012
    It Hurts: The Patient with Noncancer Pain
    Susan Shepard, MSN, RN, and Howard Marcus, MD, FACP
    Physicians who treat acute and chronic pain need to be comfortable and secure in their competency and cognizant of the correct dosing guidelines, which may have dramatically changed in the past decade.
  • SEP 19, 2012
    Otolaryngology Closed Claim Study
    A review of 211 otolaryngology claims to identify top allegations and factors contributing to patient injury.
  • APR 16, 2012
    Sinus Surgery: Key Lessons in Malpractice Risk
    David W. Roberson, MD
    An analysis of closed otolaryngology claims identified risk management issues such as possible technical problems and inadequate informed consent.
  • DEC 20, 2010
    Fire Safety in the Surgical Suite
    Susan K. Palmer, MD, and Ernest E. Allen
    Besides conducting annual fire drills that include what to do if a fire occurs on a patient, it is also wise to review fire risks in high-risk procedures prior to the start of the surgical procedure.

Patient Safety
and Risk Resources




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