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Patient Safety
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Care Delivery Models

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As the first medical malpractice insurer to establish a patient safety department, we set the industry standard with innovative products and services that reduce risk in your practice and help you avoid claims. Our commitment extends to the insightful content offered here.


Anesthesiology (24)

Cardiology (9)

Dentistry (6)

Emergency Care (20)

General Surgery (24)

Hospitalists (35)

Internal Medicine (36)

Neurosurgery (6)

Obstetrics and Gynecology (25)

Oncology (17)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (7)

Orthopedics (14)

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck (8)

Pathology (10)

Pediatrics (9)

Plastic Surgery (14)

Primary Care (18)

Psychiatry (7)


Adverse Events and Disclosure (3)

Best Practices (18)

Communication (39)

Informed Consent (4)

EHR, Telemedicine, and e-Risk (17)

Environment of Care (9)

HIPAA, Privacy, and Confidentiality (4)

Infection Control (3)

Litigation/Closed Claims Studies (40)

Medication Management (25)

Medical Records and Documentation (19)

Physician-Patient Relationships (28)

Quality Improvement and Medicare Reimbursement (3)

Lab/Test Tracking and Management (2)

Care Delivery Models

Accountable Care Organizations (10)

Ambulatory/Outpatient Care Facilities (9)

Hospitals (55)

Integrated Delivery Systems (36)

Large Group Physician Practice (18)

Solo or Small Group Physician Practice (29)


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