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Patient Safety
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Social Media Resources
for Physicians

Social Media Resources for Physicians

The web is a powerful tool for physicians. Establishing your online presence on social media allows you to engage with patients, grow your reputation, and make your voice heard. These resources can help you get started on social media and expand your online presence.


Leverage the Power of the Web

Social Media Resources for PhysiciansThe Doctors Company is proud to introduce our new social media report, "How Physicians Can Harness Social Media," developed in partnership with Kevin Pho, MD.

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Risk Prevention Tips for the Digital Age: E-mail, Texting, and Social Media
This recorded webinar will address the evolving risks and benefits associated with social media and electronic communication and will provide tips to mitigate potential liability.

What to Know About Physician-Rating Sites

The Internet: Friend or Foe to Physicians

How Physicians Can Harness Social Media

Social Media Resources for Physicians

In partnership with Kevin Pho, MD, social media’s leading physician voice
In an era when any patient can go online to research a doctor, a physician’s online reputation is as important as a physician’s reputation in the community. Doctors can adopt social media strategies to counter erroneous information, connect with patients and colleagues, and influence perceptions of the medical profession. The short, informational videos in this playlist cover these topics:


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What Doctors Should Know About Social Media Risks and Rewards

Social media can be a powerful tool for engaging and educating patients, but it comes with liability risks. Help protect yourself and your practice by reviewing best practices for social media interaction and e-mail communication.

What Doctors Should Know About Social Media

How to Get Started on Social Media

These videos will show you how to get started on each of the four primary social media channels, as well as the basics of running a social media campaign.

Social Media Resources for Physicians

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Social Media Resources for Physicians


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