Informed Consent Samples for Anesthesiology

JUN 06, 2017
Prescribing Opioids Safely
Dr. Howard Marcus discusses guidelines and recommendations for preventing opioid misuse and addiction in patients with acute or chronic pain.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

JUN 06, 2017
The Doctors Company Introduces a New CME Series
Earn complimentary CME credit for reading designated articles online.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

MAR 16, 2017
San Diego Death Diaries
Dr. Roneet Lev provides insights into the prescription opioid abuse epidemic.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

MAR 16, 2017
Analysis of Medication-Related Claims from The Doctors Company
Dr. David Troxel reviews 1,770 closed by The Doctors Company in which patient harm involved medication factors.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

JAN 04, 2017
Patient Safety in Anesthesiology
Donald Wood, CRNA, CPHRM, Patient Safety Risk Manager II
Anesthesiologists can reduce potential liability by taking risk management steps, such as obtaining separate informed consent for anesthesia care.

OCT 19, 2016
Patient Safety Guidelines for Anesthesia Care
Ann S. Lofsky, MD, and Donald Wood, CRNA, CPHRM
Safe anesthesia care begins with the preoperative assessment and continues through the postoperative period.

SEP 20, 2016
Money Talks: Discussing Cost with Patients Before Treatment Is a Win-Win
The physician needs to be involved in making sure that the patient is informed and educated about the financial burden of surgical and medical treatments. Doing this before proceeding with treatment can help lower the risk of a malpractice claim even when the medical outcome doesn’t meet the patient’s expectations.

MAY 12, 2016
Specialty Advisory Boards: Bringing Together Expertise
Robin Diamond, JD, RN, and Miranda Felde, MHA, CPHRM
We provide forums for healthcare leaders to exchange ideas and identify ways to help us advance the practice of good medicine.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

FEB 22, 2016
Better Than Good: Trade Secrets of Low-Risk Anesthesia Groups
Ann S. Lofsky, MD, and Pamela Willis, BSN, JD
Two low-risk anesthesia groups discuss what makes their groups successful in preventing malpractice claims.

SEP 03, 2015
Minimizing Surgical Errors
Jonathan Jones, MD
Guest author Jonathan Jones, MD, offers practical suggestions for avoiding surgical errors.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

SEP 03, 2015
Teamwork in the OR
Susan Shepard, MSN, RN
Susan Shepard, MSN, RN, describes the challenges of developing a high-functioning OR team.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

SEP 01, 2015
Alarms Save Lives
Ann S. Lofsky, MD, and Susan K. Palmer, MD
Many disastrous outcomes never would have occurred had the anesthesiologist activated and responded to the standard alarms on the pulse oximeter and end-tidal carbon dioxide monitors.

JUL 17, 2015
Conscious Sedation in the Office
Reduce potential liability with these risk management tips and guidelines for conscious sedation in the office.

JUN 08, 2015
MAC/Sedation Fires Increasing
Susan K. Palmer, MD
Dr. Susan Palmer offers strategies for preventing MAC/sedation fires. Author: Susan K. Palmer, MD
From The Doctor’s Advocate

APR 20, 2015
Mid-level Practitioner Liability—Preventive Action and Loss Reduction Plan
This booklet can help practitioners avoid liability risks when hiring or working with mid-level practitioners.

DEC 10, 2014
Editorial Comment on Maintenance of Certification
David B. Troxel, MD
Dr. Troxel suggests ways to restructure the MoC examination process to adapt it to changes in the healthcare delivery system.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

JUN 25, 2014
Protect Your Patient, Protect Yourself
Tod Tolan, MD, and Susan K. Palmer, MD
Dental injuries continue to be one of the most common claims against anesthesia providers.

JUN 06, 2014
Awareness with Recall Can Occur During General Anesthesia
The effects of awareness with recall (AWR) while under general anesthesia can be severe and long-lasting. Learn how to help prevent AWR and what to do if it occurs.

JUN 05, 2014
Why Accuracy Matters
Susan K. Palmer, MD
Susan Palmer, MD, discusses the need for consistent and accurate anesthesia records.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

MAY 08, 2014
Anesthesia Closed Claims Study
Darrell Ranum, JD, CPHRM, and David B. Troxel, MD
This review of over 600 anesthesia claims identifies top allegations against anesthesia professionals and top factors contributing to patient injury.

OCT 10, 2013
Anesthesia Advisory Board
With our Anesthesia Advisory Board, top practitioners from around the nation join our patient safety, claims, and underwriting leaders in discussing key issues to improve safety for all anesthesia professionals.

NOV 25, 2012
End-Tidal CO2 Challenge in the Obstetric Operating Room
Susan K. Palmer, MD, and Jacqueline Ross, PhD, RN
The ability to detect and continuously monitor end-tidal CO2 is a requirement for providers of general anesthesia, but misinterpretation of a monitor's information may create a problem.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

NOV 21, 2012
Interactive Guide for Anesthesiology Services
This interactive guide is designed to help you uncover areas of potential malpractice exposure in your anesthesiology services.

NOV 21, 2012
Postoperative Visual Loss: A Catastrophic Complication
Susan K. Palmer, MD
There has been an increase in the number of cases of complete or partial postoperative vision loss associated with surgeries such as prone back surgery, extreme head-down pelvic surgery, and orthopedic surgeries.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

SEP 01, 2012
Interactive Guide for Hospitals: Postanesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
The postanesthesia care unit (PACU) can have areas of potential malpractice exposure, and this guide can help uncover risks.

AUG 04, 2012
Interactive Guide for Hospitals: Anesthesia
The anesthesia department can have areas of potential malpractice exposure, and this guide can help uncover risks.

APR 19, 2012
Physicians and Managed Care
Ann S. Lofsky, MD, Mark Gorney, MD, FACS, and Susan K. Palmer, MD
The liability pitfalls created by managed care have important implications for all physicians.

JAN 09, 2012
Complications of Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections
Ann S. Lofsky, MD, and Susan K. Palmer, MD
The Doctors Company has noted an alarming incidence of major claims relating to cervical epidural steroid blocks.

DEC 20, 2010
Fire Safety in the Surgical Suite
Susan K. Palmer, MD, and Ernest E. Allen
Besides conducting annual fire drills that include what to do if a fire occurs on a patient, it is also wise to review fire risks in high-risk procedures prior to the start of the surgical procedure.


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