Infection Control

JAN 14, 2016
Patient Safety Challenges in General Dentistry
David O. Hester, FASHRM, CPHRM
Guidelines suggested here address patient safety issues in general dentistry practices.

FEB 24, 2015
Rising Number of Measles Cases Creates Numerous Patient Safety Issues
New cases of measles (rubeola) are once again making national headlines. Physicians should implement effective screening protocols, infection control techniques, and patient education to reduce liability risks and promote patient safety.

AUG 26, 2014
A Team Approach to Reducing Risk
Paul Bauer, MD, and Tara Benton, MD, MSCI
Drs. Bauer and Benton discuss their team's quality improvement initiative to reduce catheter-associated bloodstream infections in pediatric patients.
From The Doctor’s Advocate

JUN 25, 2014
Rising Number of Infectious Disease Cases Creates Patient Safety Issues
Infectious diseases and their inherent liability risks are becoming more common. This article highlights ways physicians can increase patient safety and reduce liability risks when outbreaks occur.

JUN 01, 2012
Interactive Guide for Hospitals: Infection Control
This interactive guide is designed to help you uncover areas of potential malpractice exposure in your hospital's infection control policies and procedures.

JUN 22, 2010
Who's in Charge?
David B. Troxel, MD
This case study illustrates the importance of promptly diagnosing and treating spinal epidural abscess.

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