Cybersecurity: Mitigate Against Hacking, Ransomware, and Data Breach Risks

Cybercrime costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars each year and causes organizations to devote substantial time and resources to keeping their information secure. This is even more important for healthcare organizations, the most frequently attacked form of business. In 2015, U.S. healthcare data breaches cost companies an average of $363 per record—the highest of any industry. The Doctors Company's expert resources can help protect healthcare organizations and physician practices from this emerging area of risk.

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Cyber Liability Protection from The Doctors Company

Medical malpractice insurance from The Doctors Company automatically includes CyberGuard® cyber liability coverage, which protects doctors against regulatory and liability claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of patient or financial information, as well as the cost of data recovery. An option for increased limits is available for current members.

Top 7 Tips to Help Stop Ransomware





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